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Xhose Pro

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Xhose Pro is the original expanding hose. It is the only expanding hose in the market that has been awarded with 2 U.S patents. It has solid brass fittings, a ¾’’ diameter and is constructed from an even stronger material.

The Claim

Are you confused with all the expanding hoses in the market? Now you can have the one and only original expanding hose, the Xhose Pro. The Xhose Pro is a lightweight and compact expanding hose that has original solid brass fittings and a ¾’’ diameter for a more powerful spray. It is made from strong and durable materials. All you need to do is to turn the water on and then the Xhose Pro automatically expands. Whenever you’re done, the Xhose Pro automatically contracts for easy storage. It’s that easy! This product is surely great for homeowners and professionals.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Xhose Pro is $29.95 plus $7.95 shipping. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second Xhose Pro by paying the extra shipping fee of $7.95 for a total price of $45.85.
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Special Offer

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What is XHose Pro?

Hoses are used for different kinds of purposes. Using a hose can be quite difficult especially if it involves moving around a lot with the hose. Carrying the hose around and storage is another reason why a person would dread any task that involves a hose. The XHose Pro is known to be the original expanding hose.

How Does It Work?

The XHose Pro is an expandable hose that looks really small and compact. However, when the end of the hose is connected to the tap and the water is turned on, the XHose Pro has the capability to expand to a length of 25 ft., 50 ft. or even 75ft according to the size purchased. The XHose Pro is the original expandable hose that works better than any other imitation available in the market.


The amazing features of the XHose Pro makes it stands out amongst any other expandable hose available in the market.

· Automatic Expansion

· Automatic Contraction

· Durable

· Tough Multi-Layered

· Super Strong Webbing

· Brass Fittings

The XHose Pro is the original expandable hose that is extremely durable and with 2 U.S patents. Though many other expandable hose companies claim to offer the same amazing features of the XHose Pro, the XHose Pro is the one and only original expandable hose that is built with superior quality material and right technology.


When having to wash a car the worst nightmare for any car owner is the part of having to carry a heavy weight hose all around and worry about storage as well. The XHose Pro is great for both. The lightweight feature of the XHose Pro makes it easy to transport and the automatic expansion and contraction is great for storage. Even professionals claim to find the XHose Pro extremely useful and convenient.


There are different ways a hose can be used. Be it to wash cars, general cleaning, watering plants, etc. a hose is used. The XHose Pro is a great hose without any of the negatives that come with a regular hose. Since the XHose Pro contracts to a small bundle that is extremely lightweight and easy to store, people prefer using the XHose Pro rather than regular hoses.

Easy To Use

The XHose Pro is very easy to use and bundles up easily. The entire length of the XHose Pro contracts to a small size when there is no water inside it. On the other hand when the brass fitting is fitted to a water outlet, the XHose Pro magically grows in size. The entire weight of the XHose Pro is very light when compared to other regular hoses. Which makes it comparatively easier to carry around when it does not have water inside.

Positive Aspects

The amazing XHose Pro is great for any kind of use. Be it commercial or home use, the XHose Pro does a great job at being a hose that is both durable and dependable. The solid unique technology used in the manufacture of the XHose Pro makes it the first and original expandable hose. The 2 U.S patents that the XHose Pro has received give this product an edge over any other company that makes expandable hoses.

Save Money

There are several expandable hose companies that are providing people with the same benefits as the original expanding hose company. However, these companies are unable to perfect the technology that is used in the building of the expandable hose and moreover is made of cheap material. Instead of wasting money on such duplicates available. The XHose Pro is a great buying option for a reliable hose.

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