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X Hose Pro Extreme

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X Hose Pro Extreme is a durable garden hose that is resistant to kinking, tangling, and twisting as you use it. This hose, which will automatically expand when you turn your water supply on, and contract when you turn it off, comes in 25, 50 and 75-foot lengths. Therefore, you can choose the length that will best suit the size of your yard. You can use your X Hose Pro Extreme to help you complete tasks such as cleaning patio furniture or watering your flowers. The hose has a thick, strong outer shell and is able to withstand up to 350 pounds of pressure per square inch.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of X Hose Pro Extreme is $29.95 plus $8.95 shipping, for a total price of $38.9.
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How It Works

Once you've attached your hose to a source of water, and have turned the water on, the pressure of the water will enable the hose to expand to its full length. After it has expanded, you'll be able to smoothly move it around the area you're working in without undertaking an excessive amount of yanking, tugging, or pulling. Putting away your hose after use won't be extremely difficult, as the hose will automatically begin to contract and shrink back to its original size once you've shut off its water supply.


  • Black

    Each X Hose Pro Extreme is black, so unlike common light green garden hoses, none of these will show the types of dirt commonly found in household yards easily.

  • Two Layers

    Every one of these hoses is made up of two layers, including an expandable inner tube and the durable black webbing that covers it for protection. Even if the webbing gets scratched or nicked, it is unlikely that damage will extend to the tube beneath it.

  • Brass Fittings

    The fittings found on the X Hose Pro Extreme are all made from solid brass, a material that is much more durable than the plastic used to create the fittings on some other hoses.

  • Stabilizer Collars

    On both ends of each hose, between the webbing-covered inner tube and the attached brass fittings, are stabilizer collars. These help prevent the webbing and tube from becoming strained if a hose happens to be bent near one of its fittings. The collars will contribute to your hose's durability, as a device that incurs less stress and strain during use is likely to last longer.

  • Three Lengths Available

    When selecting a hose, you can choose one that is either 25,50, or 75 feet long. While the 25-foot variety might be ideal if you have a small yard, you may wish to obtain the 75-foot version if you have a fairly large property,.

Positive Points

  • Not Hard on Body

    Dragging a heavy standard garden hose around may be tiring and hard on your body, especially if you must complete a couple of hours of yard work. Fortunately, the X Hose Pro Extreme is very lightweight in comparison to standard hoses, and therefore can be moved around with less effort. This will serve as a great benefit to seniors who might not have a high level of strength but want to continue completing outdoor chores independently. Older children who would like to participate in yard work will likely be strong enough to use this hose effectively, too.

  • Compact for Storage

    As this hose will contract and roll up after you've finished using it, it'll shrink to a size small enough to allow it to be stored virtually anywhere in your home or garage. You won't need to manually roll it up on a plastic hose reel as is commonly done with standard garden hoses.

  • Leak Resistant

    Since each main hose and its fittings are attached via hydraulic compression during the manufacturing process, the connections between these parts are unlikely to break down and cause your hose to leak.

Critical Advice

To help ensure that your X Hose Pro Extreme has a long life, make sure you drain it after every use, and refrain from leaving it outside in cold winter weather.


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