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Tv Squeegee

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Tv Squeegee is a micro-fiber wand screen cleaner. This screen cleaner does not use any harmful chemicals or liquids. It will leave your Tv screen with crystal clear quality just be swiping. The micro-fiber wand safely cleans your screen without any scratches. Now you can have your screen looking brand new in just a matter of seconds. Everyone can use it and the swivel handle lets you clean all four corners of your Tv so you never miss a spot.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Tv Squeegee is $10 plus $4.95 shipping. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second Tv Squeegee by paying the extra shipping fee of $4.95 for a total price of $19.9.
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Special Offer

Buy 1 Get 1 Free


How It Works

The secret because Tv Squeegee is the specially designed micro-fiber material that the squeegee is made out of. It is covered in thousands of gentle fibers that lift dust and dirt particles off the screen to clean it. There is no rubbing or scrapping involved. When you combine the thousands of micro-fibers with the 90 degree swivel handle you get a perfect clean. The swivel handle is designed to clean every square inch of your screen, even the corners. This leaves with you a crystal clear image.


  • 12 Inch Wand and Handle

    The product features a 12 inch wand and swivel handle. This design lets you reach up high and clean every nook and cranny of your screen. You can be sure you will never miss a spot.

  • Non-slip Grip

    A non-slip grip makes cleaning easy because you never have to worry about losing your grip. It makes the handle comfortable to hold.

  • Two Squeegees

    Your order comes with not one but two squeegees.

  • Dust Covers

    Every order also comes with two protective dust covers. Put these covers on your squeegee when you are storing it to prevent dust accumulation.

  • Windshield Cover

    You will also be provided with two windshield covers that are designed specifically to clean your windshield. Just put this cover on top of your Tv Squeegee. It will be able to clean every surface of your windshield even the hard to reach areas.


  • Hand Washable

    Tv Squeegee is hand washable. When you are done using it just wash it under water to clean off the dust and dirt.

  • Versatile

    You can use this squeegee to clean any type of screen whether it be a Tv, laptop or smartphone.

  • Folds

    The handle folds flat against the wand for easy storage.

  • Easy to Use

    This product is very easy to use. It does not use any chemicals and liquids. All you have to do is swipe it across your screen.

  • Dust and Dirt

    Tv Squeegee removes dust, dirt and fingerprints from any of your screens.

  • No Damage

    Chemicals and cleaning products can damage your screen. By using this device you do not have to worry about damaging or scratching your screen.


  • Wil Not Remove Everything

    It is important to note the Tv Squeegee will not remove everything from your screens. This device will not remove stains or sticky residue.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Use When Dry

    Do not use Tv Squeegee immediately after washing it. For best results you should use it when it is completely dry. This will prevent damage and lines on your screen.

  2. Wash With Water

    Only wash this product with water. You do not need to use soap or another type of product to clean the micro-fiber wand. Simply run in under cold water and wash it with your hands.

Save Money

You can stop buying expensive cleaning products that never seem to get the job done. By using Tv Squeegee your screen will be crystal clear and you do not need any extra products or paper towels - save your money by using this cleaning tool.


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Jack - (Indianapolis, IN)
Posted: 13 Nov 2015
I have something to say!

I can't se where to buy the squegeee. Please advise advise.

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