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Tv Free-way Antenna

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The TV Free-Way Antenna is a digital device that can be used to capture free high definition broadcasts over the airwaves. It is shaped as a simple, flat, rectangular antenna with round edges that is black in color and has the product's name printed on its surface. This digital antennae attaches to most televisions by screwing directly onto the appropriate auxiliary input. Using this device, customers can have access to a variety of channels without a subscription.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Tv Free-way Antenna is $14.99 plus $7.99 shipping. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second Tv Free-way Antenna by paying the extra shipping fee of $7.99 for a total price of $30.97.
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Special Offer

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Does It Really Work?

Yes, the TV Free-Way Antenna takes advantage of a federal mandate that requires major networks to provide digital content on freely available television wavelengths. Therefore, anyone with a digital antennae is capable of receiving these signals and can enjoy free programming. This device captures the broadcasts and delivers them to a television as a signal that can be decoded and viewed using normal channel selection.

Save Money

Subscription television services are expensive. Satellite and cable require equipment and monthly payments that can quickly balloon out of control as more content is added. Even streaming services like Netflix come with a price, plus a separate high-speed internet subscription will be needed. Digital antennas like the TV Free-Way are one of the few legal ways to enjoy a variety of high definition programming without having to make regular payments or rent overpriced equipment.


  • Free Entertainment

    Most things are better when they're free, and digital media is certainly no exception. The TV Free-Way Antenna is a quick, easy and guiltless way to enjoy audio-visual content. There is no catch to this fact and hidden fees are nowhere to be found.

  • Wide Variety

    Discussions about antennas can quickly conjure the image of a black and white televisions with one or two channels to choose from. The TV Free-Way Antenna is a far cry from these relics as it uses modern technology to access a potentially huge array of high definition ( and color ) channels.

  • Small Profile

    One of the less obvious but more frustrating parts of hooking up computers and cable boxes is finding space for the bulky equipment. This small, sleek antenna is invisible to the viewer in most television setups, and it doesn't take up much more than a few inches of space. The plug-and-play design of the device also eliminates the mess of wires that would otherwise be a factor when trying to set-up video serving equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it Always High Def?

    The TV Free-Way Antenna is capable of capturing and transmitting free high definition programming. However, two conditions must be met for the video to reach this level of clarity. First, the receiving television must be capable of high definition. Secondly, not all available channels are broadcast at full high definition, so quality can vary from station to station. This product is only capable of transmitting the signal at its original clarity.

  • What Channels Are Available?

    Digital antennas like this device are capable of detecting transmissions over a large radius. However, the total amount will vary significantly from area to area due to a number of factors like terrain and weather. Potential customers should research the channels that are known to be accessible in their area, as the government provides searchable information on this topic. Some of the specific networks that are known to be readily available are nbc, FOX and abc, though media as exotic as international programming can also be viewed at times.

  • Are There Bonus Offers?

    Yes, purchasers of the TV Free-Way Antenna will have the opportunity to add a second antenna for only half the price. Customers who choose this option will not be charged for extra shipping or handling.


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Michelle Parker - (Dayton, OH)
Reviewed on: 30 Apr 2016
I Regret Buying it!

Doesn't Work

I bought this TV free-way for a friend as a gift and it doesn't work. We tried on another friends TV and didn't work. Can't return it cause I bought from a store and it is opened so no return.

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