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Tv Free Way

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TV Free Way is a digital antenna that lets you pick up broadcast channels for free. You can say goodbye to pricey cable and satellite bills because this antenna will let you pick up all of your favourite broadcast shows. All you have to do is plug the antenna into your TV and you watch nearly anything in high definition. Start watching your favourite shows without having to worry about hidden fees, contracts or expensive bills.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Tv Free Way is $14.99 plus $7.99 shipping. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second Tv Free Way by paying the extra shipping fee of $7.99 for a total price of $30.97.
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Special Offer

Buy 1 Get 1 Free



  • Sleek Design

    TV Free Way is an antenna which features a sleek design. The design lets it fit discretely behind your TV so it is completely out of site.

  • No Monthly Bill

    With TV Free Way there are no monthly bills. You pay a single purchasing price once and then you never have to worry about paying for anything ever again.

  • Crystal Clear Quality

    This antenna promises to deliver crystal clear quality no matter what you are watching.

  • Watch Your Favourite Shows

    You can watch all of your favourite shows. From local news and weather to sports or children's programming - your antenna will pick it all up. Now you can watch broadcast channels such as; cbs, CW, fox, ABC and NBC for free.

  • 24 Hour Access

    This product gives you 24 hour access to your favourite shoes seven days a week.

How It Works

The reason the antenna works is because the government of the United States has had to build free over the air transmitters. These transmitters send out transmissions of all the broadcast channels on the air. The purpose of TV Free Way is to pick up these over the air transmissions and deliver them to your television.


  • No Installation

    TV Free Way does not even need to be installed. You do not have to worry about drilling holes, or running cable wires around your home.

  • No Bulk

    Due to its sleek design you do not have to worry about bulky boxes, cables and big satellite dishes.

  • Take it With You Everywhere

    You can bring your antenna with you everywhere you go. It does not matter if you are in an RV, a boat, or a cabin. As long as there is an electrical outlet to plug your TV into you can use TV Free Way. You can even move it from one room to the next around your house - if there is a TV it will work.

  • No Extra Remotes

    Nothing is more frustrating than trying to find out which remote controls the TV and which one controls your decoder or satellite box. Now your TV remote also controls the channels you are watching - everything just became so much more simple.

Easy to Use

  1. Order

    The first step to using TV Free Way is to place your order today.

  2. Plug it in

    Once your antenna has arrived all you have to do is plug it into the back of your TV where you would normally attach your cable wire. Ensure the antenna is pointed upwards.

  3. Sit Back and Watch

    The last step is to sit back and enjoy your crystal clear high definition TV channels.

Save Money

Cable and satellite bills are expensive but thanks to TV Free Way you can say goodbye to expensive bills because this product will save you an immense amount of money. Instead of paying for channels you can watch these channels for free simply by buying the antenna.

Negative Aspects

  • No Channel Selection

    Unlike with satellite you do not have to option of ordering specific channels. The channels that are available to you are your only options.


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Kathy - (Oakdale, MN)
Reviewed on: 04 Aug 2016
I Regret Buying it!

This Product Sucks!

How do I get a refund? I tried it in both my home and camper, and didn't have any success. Contact me at Thanks!

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