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Turbo Scrub

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The Turbo Scrub is a rechargeable, cordless scrubbing product which cleans all hard to reach areas of the kitchen, bathroom, and outside. It has flexible uses indoors and outdoors, with multiple brushes and extensions that help it conform to the situation. The company claims that users no longer have to bend down or kneel to keep things clean. Instead, the company claims that consumers can stand upright and use the extension pieces to reach all the way down to the floor.

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How It Works

In the bathroom: showers can be cleaned of hard water stains, calcium, line, rust, and build-up. Its dome brush is what conforms to all bathroom sink fixtures or shower fixtures, reaching in and around each part of the fixture.

Turbo's cone brush is used for shower door jams, where its angled bristles help reach difficult areas like corners.

Their flat brush is how consumers can remove grout on tile walls and shower stalls. With all three brushes, the consumer needs the cleaner to scrub away the mess, and then needs to rinse the grime down the drain.

Consumers can clean rings around the tub with the extension wand and dome brush. This alleviates consumers having to bend over. The extension spins at over 300 rpm, making the cleaning quick and easy.

In the kitchen the dome brush is needed to reach down into metal stove tops and clean metal grates.

The flat brush is used to clean kitchen sinks and to remove grime from ovens. Their flat brush is also used for removing grime from door tracks like sliding glass doors leading outside.

Outside the home, the dome brush is used to remove road grime from tire rims.


  • Cordless

    Cordless so it makes for fast and safe cleaning.

    One of the biggest detriments to cleaning a bathroom or any other room with a machine of any kind is that the cord invariably gets in the way. Tripping over it, continually stepping on it, or watching it fall right into a freshly cleaned spot can be frustrating.

    Naturally, bending over and doing this by hand is the only real solution to this, until this particular product came to be. Now consumers can avoid the hassle of cords getting caught around furniture or accidentally dropped into sinks while working.

  • Rechargeable

    The ability to recharge when not in use is equally beneficial for consumers. Even for longer cleaning jobs, taking a break to recharge can be nice, and in this case quite necessary.


  • Doesn't Work Alone

    In and of itself, the product cannot do all it claims. The only way to use it in the kitchen, bathroom, on tires, and on sliding door tracks is to get the extension wand, the different sized brushes, and the cleaner. Thankfully, these are given away as part of the “free” gifts with purchase.

  • Regular Recharge

    It only works for 40-60 minutes before it needs recharged. This means that long term cleaning of the whole house will be a stop-and-recharge affair.

  • Misleading

    The extension wand makes it easy for those who have arthritis or back pain to avoid having to regularly bend over. However, the video claims that the wand can be used to clean toilets, for example, without bending over. This is problematic when one considers that the instructions for use state the consumers have to rinse each area after they have cleaned it. At the very least wipe away the sudsy grime that was removed. Realistically the people who are benefiting from not having to bend down are still forced to bend down to remove the grime once it has been cleaned. This directly defies the claim by the company that consumers no longer have to bend, kneel, or get on their hands and knees to clean.


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