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Trusty Cane Reviews

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Trusty Cane is the only cane you can trust. This type of cane works well on all surfaces because of its wide pivoting head that gives you the support you need.

The Claim

Regular, ordinary canes don’t work well on uneven surfaces and they tend to be unstable. Now, you can have the perfect balance with the help of the all-new Trusty Cane. This is the only cane you can trust. It works on all kinds of surfaces made possible by its wide pivoting head. It can also stand on its own when you’re busy doing something else. It doesn’t fall and it doesn’t break! It has a unique fold-up design, so it’s very convenient to take it with you. What’s more is that it has a built-in light to help you see clearly in the dark. Feel secure now with Trusty Cane!



Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Trusty Cane is $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second Trusty Cane at the discounted price of only $12.99 for a total price of $40.97.
Product Score: 577 / 175 = 3.3

Special Offer

Buy 1 Get 1 Discounted

What is it?

Trusty Cane is a revolutionary cane that provides much more support, tract, and grip than traditional canes. It is built with a triple tread base and a pivoting head so that users get the constant support and comfort they need while walking. The cane also comes with a light and stands up on its own, not needing to be leaning against anything like other canes do.

How does it work?

Trusty Cane’s triple tread design offers improved stability and mobility for any user. The unique pivot allows the cane to move with the user while the extraordinary treads keep their grip. And because the pivoting head is wider and more supportive than other canes, Trusty Cane can help users stand up from a sitting position as well as climb steps and walk quickly. Trusty Cane’s tread design and wide pivoting head makes the cane able to tread on uneven ground, ice, or snow too.

Why buy it?

There’s no other cane on the market that adds as much safety and support as Trusty Cane. Traditional canes slip and slide while users walk, but Trusty Cane is built to withstand any type of ground and move along with the user as they take steps. It can also be folded up to be placed inside hand bags, purses, or briefcases and it even comes with a light on the top of the cane. This ensures a safe walk to the bathroom or kitchen at night when the lights are all out. Trusty Cane will never fall over and can actually stand by itself. Other canes can’t stand alone and will fall over immediately as they are released, but the Trusty Cane will stay put.


The benefits to investing in Trusty Cane are endless. Here are a few notable ones:

  • Can be folded up and placed away for future use
  • Stands up on its own
  • Unique tread and wide pivoting head makes it move along with the user
  • Can be used on uneven terrain, snow, ice, or slippery sidewalks
  • Amazing value
  • Gives constant comfort and support
  • Much safer and more supportive than traditional canes
  • Can be gripped from anywhere; even if the user is sitting down
  • Comes with a light on the top for easy access to bathroom or kitchen at night
  • Improves stability, so users have a better tread when they walk


Trusty Cane is the most trusted, most useful, and most dependable cane on the market. It can improve the stability of any users and will always be by their side, no matter what situation they are in. Trusty Cane stays around at all times and never falls over. Plus, it can be placed inside a bag for future use whenever it is needed. Trusty Cane even comes with a convenient light so that it can guide users to wherever they need to go at any hours of the night. The only answer to a safe and reliable cane is Trusty Cane. There is no reason not to buy one today!

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