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Tough Lantern

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Tough Lantern is a military grade outdoor lantern which relies on special LED lights to produce bright light visible for two miles. This unit is collapsible which means it folds down onto itself about the size of a smartphone in height. Weighing less than one pound this unit is easily packed away for hiking or camping and will hang nicely from treetops or sit next to a tent. The free upgrade comes standard for each order online.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Tough Lantern is $19.99 plus $6.95 shipping, for a total price of $26.94.
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  • Guarantee

    There is a lifetime guarantee so at any time if it is damaged, you can get a replacement.

  • Upgrade

    When you order online, you get the deluxe upgrade for free, no hidden charges. This version is the same, but with a magnetic base which allows you to affix the lantern to metal surfaces like the interior hood of a car. You can use it during power outages, while camping, or working on your car.

  • Led

    The COB LED lights used are special Bell & Howell lights which are more energy efficient and produce bright lights, enough to fill a whole room and be seen up to two nautical miles away.

  • Weather Resistant

    It is heat resistant, so even being near a fire won’t hurt it.

    You can still use it just as fine when submerged in water, so you can light your path while under the tide.

    Consumers will find that this light withstands even the coldest of conditions, so an unexpected snowfall or icing over of the lantern won’t hurt it.

Positive Points

  • Military Grade

    The exterior design is military grade. This means that it meets higher standards for military use. Some examples of these standards include the aforementioned ability to withstand intense weather or changes to temperature. Additionally, this particular unit, when closed, is completely damage free so if it rolls around in the back of your car, gets stepped on, or even shot with a direct bullet, it will be fine.

    You can turn it on by lifting the top all the same and keep enjoying bright light when you need it. This conforms to military grade standards such that the lantern could be brought into the field and even if shot, frozen, thrown around inside a Humvee, or anything else, it would still work well.

  • Small and Portable

    This lantern collapses to the size of a smartphone. It is thicker than a smartphone, to be sure, but not any taller. When collapsed, this unit can be carried around nearly anywhere with ease. Said lantern fits nicely into backpacks, carrying cases, or into of travel kits. Users can use the hanging functions when the light is off too so if you want to affix it to the outside of camping gear, you can without wasting the light.

    The unit weighs less than one pound and is simple to transport. You won’t even know it is there when you are counting the pounds in your pack preparing for a day hike or an overnight camp.

  • Great Company

    Bell and Howell are the manufacturers of many LED lights, flashlights, lanterns fit for camping and outdoor use. They have a handful of their products on the internet not just on the website but on places like Amazon. There are multiple camping and outdoor magazines and websites which have reviewed the other goods in this line of lighting sources with positive results. This manufacturer seems to be quite reliable and a good source of outdoor camping lights.

    Said items have been well rated for outdoorsmen, survivalists or preppers, those with military backgrounds, hunters or hikers, fishermen, firemen, and even police officers.

    Bell and Howell is not accredited with the BBB but they have an A+ rating nonetheless because they have no complaints filed with the BBB. They have also been operating for a long time. There are no negative customer reviews and no complaints in the last three years filed with the BBB. .

Negative Points

  • Not Sold in Stores

    Right now this lantern is not sold in stores. Bear in mind that many of the Bell and Howell products are sold in stores and online, so it is likely only a matter of time before this one is too. As such, If you are looking to save money on shipping, and do not need it immediately, waiting might do some good.

  • Shipping Costs

    If you are placing your order from Nevada, New Jersey, New York, or California you have to pay state sales tax. Those placing orders to Alaska or Hawaii have to pay another ten dollars in shipping. Any orders sent to Puerto Rico have to deal with an extra twenty dollar surcharge.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Open

    The light stays on whenever it is open and will not shine when it is locked into place. To use it, you want to slide the lantern in order to modify the brightness. Moving it up or down exposes a little bit of light all the way to the brightest setting.

  2. Put Into Place

    Once you have the level of brightness you desire, you can take the two metal hooks on either side of the circular component and lift them upright. This enables you to hang the lantern from tree branches, on shelves, or anywhere else. Conversely, with the flat base you can naturally rest it anywhere you need light.

  3. Collapse

    When you are done using it, the hanging components fold back into the base. The entire light closes and collapses on itself and you can pack the lightweight unit back into your truck, hiking backpack, or anything else.


  • Blitzu

    Blitzu sells the Ultra Bright Portable LED Camping Lantern Flashlight. This product is normally thirty dollars but is on sale for only eight on Amazon. It has thirty LED bulbs built into it which makes it ideal for emergencies, camping, hiking, or power outages. Said design is water resistant and collapsible with the exact same design as the Bell and Howell version. This unit weighs less than one pound and is grey.

  • Etekcity

    Etekcity sells the Etekcity 2 pack of portable outdoor LED camping lanterns. These require batteries for operation but are the number one best seller for lantern flashlights. They are the same design with the same extendable features and hanging components on the outside. This design weighs over one pound though and is black. Said unit costs only seventeen dollars.

  • Lightouch

    LighTouch sells the Camping Lantern LED lantern minis. These are miniature versions of the same lights which are in red and orange, weigh one pound, and use LED bulbs too. Said lights are waterproof, portable, collapsible, and ideal for lighting a tent in an emergency. This one costs fourteen dollars.

  • Rayovac

    Rayovac has a green collapsible lantern of similar quality and build which is twenty dollars. It is green for better camo.


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B Roup - (Ottawa, ON)
Reviewed on: 07 Dec 2016
I Regret Buying it!

Order # 19709412

Has been over 3 weeks and no lanterns. I call the 855-721-33323 and it gives a recording. " all lines are busy", then hangs up.

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Still Wondering - (Chehalis, WA)
Reviewed on: 30 Nov 2016
I Regret Buying it!

Order # 19393828

Ordered Oct-31-2016 but haven't received my taclightlanterns. Unable to find a way to contact anyone so still in limbo. Now is Nov-30-2016 and want to know if I need to buy a different Christmas gift.

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Maria - (Poulsbo, WA)
Reviewed on: 23 Oct 2016
I Regret Buying it!

Where is my Order # 18788547 Dated Sept-09-2016?

Today, Oct-23-2016, I still have not received my order. It has been almost 2 months and have not received the lantern. What seems to be the problem? Would appreciate to hear from you. - From a very disappointed customer.

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Aline Matthews - (Woodbridge, ON)
Posted: 02 Oct 2016
I have something to say!

Yur order is complete.
Your order number is: 18795672
Address information
Anita gallant
4053 jefton crescent
Mississauga, on L5L1Z2

Item description quantity price total
Lant deluxe Tough Lantern 1 $19.99 usd $19.99 usd
Lantfam deluxe Tough Lantern - family size set of 4 1 $49.95 usd $49.95 usd
subtotal $69.94 usd
Shipping & handling $6.95 usd
Tax $10.00 usd
Order total $86.89 usd

Over 3 weeks I ordered. Where is it please.

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