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Torpedo Blender

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Torpedo Blender is the new smart, all-in-one kitchen appliance designed to replace most of your other kitchen appliances. It is a powerful blender for all your beverage and mixing needs.

The Claim

The Torpedo Blender infomercial claims that Torpedo Blender is a powerful blender juicer that stands behind the power of a torpedo. It is new all-in-one kitchen appliance that does it all. You can blend wholesome, professional quality smoothies and protein shakes to perfection every time. Add the juicing screen and you have a high-powered juicer to crush whole fruits and turn it to juice. Just pour from the product’s built-in dispenser and you can enjoy a healthy and mouth-watering juice in just 9 seconds or less. Grind your own coffee beans right at home and make delicious, high end quality frozen coffee drinks. You can instantly bring the party to life by creating professional margarita drinks using Torpedo Blender. The product is equipped with 600 watts motor power plus 6 blades which means that you’ll get 3 times the chopping power of ordinary blenders. It is highly recommended by celebrity chef Fabio Viviani.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Torpedo Blender is $119.85 and the shipping is FREE!
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  • Easy To Use
  • Everyone will find that the Torpedo Blender is very easy to use. It comes with simple instructions that explain in detail how to use this appliance. The buttons are easy to use so that you can begin using it immediately without feeling confused in any way.

  • Multiple Uses
  • Users will be able to take on the help of Torpedo Blender for an array of reasons. Not only does it operate as a blender, but it also has the power to mix and chop various food items to help make your life much easier.


  • Noisy
  • When it is in use, the Torpedo Blender is rather noise. This may cause a lot of disruption in your home if you or anyone in your home dislike loud noises.

  • Made Of Plastic
  • The exterior aspect of the Torpedo Blender is made mostly of plastic. This means that some people may think that it looks cheaply made, and also makes it much more fragile while prone to stubborn scratches.


  • 50-ounce Canister
  • The Torpedo Blender comes included with a 50-ounce canister. This canister allows you to make large servings in just one single use. Furthermore, it features a spill collar and a vented top to help prevent messes.

  • Recipe Book
  • In addition to the Torpedo Blender device, your will also receive a hand recipe book. This recipe book features an abundance of delicious recipes, all of which that you can make with the help of this device.


The Torpedo Blender is a revolutionary, all-in-one kitchen device that is designed to make your life easier. It has the ability to mix, chop, blend, grind and much more so your can create tons of delicious recipes. Furthermore, it is extremely easy to use and also very easy to clean.

How It Works

The Torpedo Blender works thanks to smart electronic technology. This features three different options, including on, auto and pulse. Once the use turns it on, the six stainless steel blades will immediately begin working their magic. Whether it is a meal or drink, this smart appliance can truly do it all.

How it’s Different from Competitors

The Torpedo Blender is different from other products on the market because it is much more than just a blender. It works as a food processors, juicer and so much more! You’ll love using it.


  • Magic Bullet
  • The Magic Bullet works best for frozen beverages and drinks. It is also a high-powered blender, but does not work well for larger servings.

  • Nutri Ninja Pro
  • The Nuri Ninja Pro helps people achieve all of the nutritional benefits of fruits and vegetables. It works only as a blender, not as a food processor.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Follow User Guide
  2. Everyone should always browse through the included user guide. This will ensure that your use the Torpedo Blender correctly for maximum results.

  3. Wash After Use
  4. You should make the effort to wash your Torpedo Blender after each use. This will help prolong its life and make sure that it works well with each use.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Do You Wash It?
  • The Torpedo Blender can be washed by hand but is also dishwasher safe.

  • How Much Can It Hold?
  • The Torpedo Blender features a canister that can hold 50 ounces.

  • Is It Safe For Hot Foods?
  • Yes, the Torpedo Blender is safe for food up to 257 degrees.


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