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Tomato Factory

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Tomato Factory is a home gardening product that allows consumers to quickly, easily and cleanly start to grow tomato plants. The package includes a specially designed container that is filled with seed and soil. Three openings are found on top of the kit, allowing the access and space for three plants to grow. Purchasers of this product will only need to provide the plants with water and access to sunlight. This kit also arrives with a bonus three-plant pack of a second tomato variety.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Tomato Factory is $10.00 plus $7.99 shipping. The special TV offer allows a free gift which you will receive by paying the extra shipping fee of $7.99 for a total price of $25.98.
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How It Works

The key to the functionality of the Tomato Factory kit is the special design of the three-plant container. Soil and space are arranged in a manner that allows for access to the air and light that the root system needs to thrive. Aeration in particular is a common shortcoming of many prepared garden kits, but the Tomato Factory was created with this issue as a foremost concern. A large amount of physical space within the substrate also gives the root system room to grow and reduces the chances of a damaging condition known as binding.


  • Mess Free

    With plants comes soil, or something similarly messy if you're using an artificial environment. Either way, dealing with the mess that can be caused by the start of a gardening project is an ordeal that many people would enjoy being able to skip. The Tomato Factory makes this wish a reality by delivering already-seeded and prepared soil in a ready-to-grow container. No dumping, digging or cleaning is required.

  • Bonus Plants

    Purchasers of this package will receive an additional container as a free bonus. Inside is another ready-made mixture of soil and seed, but of a tomato plant variety known as Bushelmakers. These plants produce a crop that is typically sooner to develop and has bigger produce in comparison to the original Tomato Factory brand. The bonus container is also designed to accommodate the growth of three healthy plants.

  • Big Production

    The amount of product that can be harvested from these plants is nothing short of staggering. Each of the plants can give as much as fifty pounds of tomatoes in its lifetime. That's a total of three hundred pounds of tomatoes with half coming from the bonus Bushelmakers.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Open it up

    When customers receive the package they will need to remove it from its shipping box and clear any other obstructions from the main growing area.

  2. Find a Spot

    It is extremely important that the openings in the top of the container be given as much access to sunlight as is possible. Next to a window or in a screened patio are two commonly suggested areas for growing healthy plants.

  3. Water Away

    Tomato producers need water at regular intervals like all plants. Understandably, this package could not include a watering mechanism, and so users must provide this necessity. The large openings make it easy to get water to the roots, where it is needed most.

  4. Reap the Rewards

    In a normal growing season Tomato Factory plants will provide a weekly harvest, after the initial growth stages are completed. The same can be expected from the bonus Bushelmaker plants.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if it Doesn't Grow?

    The Tomato Factory kit provides all the tools and instructions necessary to get started, short of the water and sunlight itself. Some growth should be visible from the soil in a couple of weeks, but late bloomers are possible. To protect the consumer, the makers of this product offer a thirty-day guarantee. This will provide enough time for the product to be properly evaluated before a refund request needs to be made.


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