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Thin Lizzy

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Thin Lizzy is a 6 in 1 solution for makeup wearers. Instead of needing separate products for bronzing, evening out the skin tone, concealing and polishing your look - you can do all of that with just one product. Essentially, this is a versatile powder that can contour your face and even out your complexion. Users can even apply this product to their eyelids as eye shadow or to their lips as a nude lip pigment. Thus, Thin Lizzy serves as a space saver while taking care of many makeup needs with just one product. Additionally, Thin Lizzy includes an array of other products that also come with the 6 in 1 powder.

The Claim

This product allows you to declutter your makeup bag by combining multiple products together. Thin Lizzy powder can contour your face, shade your eyelids, color lips and even serves as a slight self-tanner. Such versatility allows you to play around with different looks while only using one product. The powder comes with brushes, eyeliners, concealer and even lip gloss. Though it comes with many additional products, the 6 in 1 powder is what sets Thin Lizzy apart from other makeup products. It gives the user a way to contour, self tan, cover blemishes and conceal other imperfections with just one product.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Thin Lizzy is $49.99 plus $4.99 shipping, for a total price of $54.98.
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  • 6 in 1 Versatility

    The powder from Thin Lizzy serves as a blush, an eyeshadow, face framer, contouring tool, lipstick and a bronzer. It comes with additional eyeliner, concealer and lip gloss which can be mixed in with the powder for just the right shade. Thus, you are able to play around with looks that are natural or more dramatic.

  • Two Shades

    There are two shades of Thin Lizzy, which are light and dark. Those with lighter or medium toned complexions should opt for the light shade. If you have darker skin, choose the dark shade. For those users who are unsure which shade they should buy because their skin tone is somewhere in between - opt for the light shade, which will highlight and compliment the skin.


  • Useful for Something

    If you happen to not like Thin Lizzy as a foundation, a lip shade, or eye shadow - you can always use it as a bronzer or face framer. That is the beauty of a multi purpose product - the more uses it has - the more likely you are to find something that works for you.

  • Natural or Dramatic Look

    Depending on how much you put on, you can create a day or evening look with this product. If you prefer to have a more dramatic look, you can simply place more of the product on your face. However, if you prefer a more natural looking appearance, you can blend the makeup until the look is softer and more natural.


  • Not for Everyone

    Not all users will enjoy the shade of this multi purpose powder, which might deter them from using this product as a stand alone powder. Since it is most like a bronzer, this product might seem to orange and shimmery for users that do not appreciate bronzer tones or looks.

  • Not Good as Foundation

    Many users have reported this product to look too orange and glittery as a foundation. It works better as a contouring shade, bronzer, eye shadow and lip shade than a foundation. For those that prefer to use this product as a foundation, it is best to use less powder.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Layer for More Color

    If you want to add more color to your look, apply more powder. This can be done while contouring, face framing, or applying Thin Lizzy as a bronzer. Essentially, the powder is very similar to mineral makeup or powdered bronzer.

  2. Mix the Gloss

    Mix the lip gloss with the powder for a shimmery, nude look. To ensure your lips come alive while wearing even a nude color, do not stray too far from pink undertones. Pinkish hues under your nude shade will help create a refreshing and natural look.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can You Use it as Blush?

    You can, but it is not a pinkish color. The powder is more of a bronzer color, which means you would need to have another powder to mix with this one in order to achieve a lighter blush.

  • What About Break Outs?

    Many users are able to wear this product without breaking out. However, those with more sensitive skin might experience some break outs.


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