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Supreme Toning Tower

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The Supreme Toning Tower is an exercise machine which lets you complete over 100 different moves. This machine lets you do barre and Pilates workouts in the comfort of your own home. It is brought to you by Beverly Hills Fitness and will get you on your way to having that body you have always dreamed of. Not only will your arms and legs be strengthened and toned but your abs will also be flat thanks to this new product.

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The cost of Supreme Toning Tower is $199.00 plus $39.95 shipping, for a total price of $238.95.
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  • Toning Tower

    The toning tower comes with a wooden ballet barre which is perfect for all of your barre exercises. It is made of out durable material and offers stability no matter what exercise you are doing.

  • Swing-through Bar

    There is an attached swing-through bar which is perfect for abdominal workouts.

  • Two Resistance Coils

    The product also comes with two resistance coils which are great for making your workouts more challenging. They are great for adding cardio to your leg and arm workouts. There are two foot and hand straps which can be attached to the coils when needed.

  • Sculpting Bar

    You can also attach a sculpting bar to the resistance coils. This sculpting bar allows you to tone your upper body in no time at all.

  • Instructional Dvd

    Every order also comes with an instructional dvd. This DVD explains in detail how to use your Supreme Toning Tower. It also goes over basic moves and exercises you can do.

  • Pilates and Barre Dvd

    The second DVD that is provided is a barre and Pilates workout dvd. You can follow along with the DVD or do your own workout - it is a matter of preference.

  • Yoga Mat

    The part of the machine that you lay on is high density yoga mat. It is comfortable and sweat resistant.


  • Posture

    The toning tower ensures that you have great posture during and after your workouts. It is great when you are stretching.

  • Folds Flat

    Supreme Toning Tower folds flat making it ideal to have in your home. You can store it in the closet, under the bed or even behind the couch. It does not matter if you live in a house or a small apartment, you do not have to worry about bulky equipment when it comes to this product.

  • Everyone Can Use it

    This workout machine is great for everyone. It does not matter how old or young you are, your fitness level or even your body type. Supreme Toning Tower lets you move at your own pace and it works with your body to ensure you are comfortable.

  • Confidence Booster

    This product will have you feeling and looking the best you have in years. You will look in the mirror and like what you see which will improve your confidence.

Save Money

Gym memberships and subscriptions to fitness classes are expensive. Thanks to this product you can stop spending money on classes that you have to miss because of a busy schedule because now you can workout whenever it fits into your schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does it Have to be Assembled?

    No, Supreme Toning Tower does not require any assembly when it arrives at your home. All you have to do is unfold it.

  • How to Wash Yoga Mat?

    If you have to wash the yoga mat simply take a wet towel or rag and wipe down the mat with soap and water. You can also use disinfectant wipes. It is important to note that you cannot remove the mat to wash it.

Easy to Use

  1. Level Open Space

    The first step to use Supreme Toning Tower is to find a place where you can set it up. You should choose somewhere where the floor is level and you have a lot of space to exercise.

  2. Lift Toning Tower

    Simply lift the toning tower up and it will securely clip into place.

  3. Release Clips

    When you are done working out you can release the clips at the base of the toning tower and fold the tower down flat.

  4. Store it

    Slide your workout machine under your bed or into storage until the next time you will need it.


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