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Style Screamer

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Style Screamer is an electronic keychain that attaches to keys or purses and contains a tassel, which when pulled, lets out a 130 decibel high-pitched screaming noise. It is intended to replace pepper spray or other weapons for a fast getaway in the case of a mugger or attacker. While car alarms are often ignored due to their low pitch and frequency, Style Screamer aims at a much higher frequency and decibels that could make the presence of an attacker very difficult to ignore. It is intended to hook to the user’s belongings, such as a purse, and be pulled whenever the user feels threatened.

The Claim

Style Screamer is so loud that it wards off any attackers and is impossible to ignore. It is much more effective than a car alarm because it lets off a 130 decibel, high-pitched scream that will scare off muggers or other threatening people. Style Screamer attaches to any purse or keys just like a keychain. It’s a smart tool to have because it is inconspicuous; it simply looks like a decoration. When users feel threatened, they simply pull the tassel and it will let out an extremely loud noise. Now users can feel safe when walking alone at night and it only takes one pull to scare away perpetrators.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Style Screamer is $10.00 plus $6.99 shipping. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second Style Screamer by paying the extra shipping fee of $6.99 for a total price of $23.98.
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What is it?

Style Screamer is a revolutionary key chain that actually has a hidden benefit- warding off potential attackers. It makes a high-pitched 130 decibel screaming noise whenever activated, which just requires a pull from the user, and not only scares off predators but also gathers the attention from passers-by or nearby residents. It is disguised like a cute decorative keychain but has hidden and amazing power.

How does it work?

Style Screamer is designed with a detachable tassel which when pulled emits a high-pitched and nerve-wrecking screaming noise that sounds more high-pitched than any sound a human could make. The tassel pulls right off when the user pulls it, which activates the 130-decibel pitch. All it takes is a quick pull and the user can feel safe and unthreatened as the attacker runs away from the horrific noise.

How to use it

Simply attach Style Screamer to any purse or keys and whenever a threatening feeling emerges pull the tassel.

Why buy it?

Style Screamer is the quickest, easiest, and safest way to ward off predators. While mace and pepper spray are effective, they can take minutes to scramble out of a purse and sometimes mere minutes just aren’t available. Weapons can be intimidating to use not to mention illegal. Style Screamer is 100% legal and it only takes seconds to activate. Car alarms emit a high-pitched noise as well, but they’re easy to ignore because they’re so common and are not as high-pitched as 130 decibels. Style Screamer is the only answer for feeling safe against predators and gathering the attention from helpful strangers immediately. And if a fashionable keychain is the goal, Style Screamer is good for that too. It disguises as any standard, adorable keychain.  


Every woman, especially those that walk alone at night, needs to invest in a Style Screamer. Here are some benefits to explain why:

  • Emits a high-pitched screaming noise of 130 decibels
  • Has the potential to ward off any threatening attacker
  • Much easier to access and activate than mace or weapons
  • Disguises as a cute keychain
  • Attaches to any purse or keys
  • Much more noticeable than car alarms or human screams
  • Only requires a pull of the tassel which is easily detachable
  • Great for isolated parking lots and parking garages
  • Scares off attackers and gathers the attention of helpful strangers
  • Tassel simply reattaches when the user feels safe enough
  • Great for anyone of any age


Style Screamer is the perfect solution to women feeling safe at night and quickly warding off attackers without the need for mace or other hard-to-get-to weapons. It disguises as a cute keychain and attaches to any purse or keys for quick and easy access. All it requires is a quick, millisecond-pull of the tassel and attackers will be turned off from the noise immediately. It’s perfect for those unfortunate late-night walks to the car or inside of scary parking garages. Any woman of any age can benefit from a Style Screamer. There is no reason not to purchase Style Screamer today!


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