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Stretchkin is the latest durable, cuddly and stretchy animal friend that loves to play and have fun. This product is life size and it moves with you and you can even hug it day till night.

The Claim

Are you looking for fun ways to entertain you and your kids? Now there’s a new way to enjoy your time! Stretchkin is a cuddly animal stuff toy that you can hug, play and do exercise with. Anything you can do, Stretchkins can do to! All you need to do is to slip them on your feet and hands and then they can move around with you. This super soft, plush animal friend is durable and life-size. It also comes in a variety of animals. You can choose from playful puppy, true blue elephant, pretty unicorn, stripped tiger, red dragon and lastly jumping frog. With all these animals you are sure to enjoy and have fun! Stretch your imagination now with Stretchkins!



Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Stretchkins is $19.95 plus $3.95 shipping. The special TV offer allows a free gift which you will receive by paying the extra shipping fee of $3.95 for a total price of $27.85.
Product Score: 728 / 227 = 3.2

Special Offer

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What is it?

Stretchkins are life-sized stretchy stuffed animals that actually slide onto a child’s feet and hands to match their every movement. They are cuddly toys that fit over the front of a child’s body just like a book bag or even an extra layer of clothing. Stretchkins are an extremely advantageous method for children to exercise in such a fun way that they don’t even realize they’re exercising. Parents can now keep their kids active in a way that will benefit their health and keep them constantly entertained.

How do they work?

Stretchkins contain elastic loops on the stuffed animal’s feet and hands to fit easily onto the child’s own feet and hands. They stretch out to the same size as the child’s body to follow their every move. So whether the child is dancing, jumping, sitting, running, or doing cartwheels, Stretchkins will be right along for the ride the whole time.

Why buy Stretchkins?

These cuddly, lovable, and entertaining stuffed animals are multifunctional and an excellent method for promoting more playtime and high levels of fitness. Too many children are sitting by the tv watching cartoons or playing video games. Stretchkins can make exercising a fun, time-consuming activity rather than a chore. Every time the child is moving and the Stretchkins stretches along with their limbs, they are unknowingly adding strain and longevity to their body as they move. The child will be so fascinated with the way the toy stretches with their own height that they’ll want to play and remain active for hours. Stretchkins are also a soft buddy for bedtime or as a fun way to pass the time for long car trips and vacations.

What makes them better than other toys/stuffed animals?

Stretchkins aren’t just cuddly toys that sit on the shelf or get shoved in the closet. Most stuffed animals are enjoyed for maybe a day, but then forgotten about shortly afterward. Stretchkins are multifunctional because they can be loved and snuggled like a regular stuffed animal, as well as utilized as fun, beneficial exercise tools. Children will be mesmerized by the fact that their Stretchkins are so soft and stretchy all the time. Additionally, kids can pick out their favorite animal out of the Stretchkins selection. The following animals are available from Stretchkins: a puppy, elephant, unicorn, tiger, dragon, and frog.


Stretchkins are an ideal gift for any kid of any age! Here are some benefits:

  • They’re a terrific way to pass the time and keep kids active.
  • Kids will have a cuddly buddy with them when they’re playing around the house and sleeping
  • They’re easy to wear and they stay put no matter how much the child is moving
  • Children can have their pick of animal from the Stretchkins selection


Stretchkins can give kids the time of their lives. They can keep their bodies active and healthy, while playing with a cuddly, unique, and lovable toy. There is no reason not to purchase an amazing, original Stretchkins stuffed animal today!

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