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Strap Secret

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Strap Secret is the ultimate bra strap solution. This product helps conceal your bra straps with its adjustable sleek strip. Strap Secret looks invisible even under the thinnest fabrics.

The Claim

Do you hate all those awkward bra straps? These straps tend to ruin your entire outfit! Now there’s a solution to this dilemma. Strap Secret is the product that helps you hide those tacky straps. It is not only effective but it is truly comfortable as well. Strap Secret also works in any bra and apparel. You can wear it under blouses, sweaters, dresses, workout clothes, tshirts and tank tops. All you need to do is to attach strap secret to one strap then hook it to the other. It is also adjustable. All you need to do is to slide them up and down. Now you can look 1 cup size bigger! Get a firm lift and say goodbye to tacky straps with the all-new Strap Secret.

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The cost of Strap Secret is $9.99 plus $5.99 shipping. The special TV offer allows a free gift which you will receive by paying the extra shipping fee of $5.99 for a total price of $21.97.
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What is Strap Secret?

Women who love to look their best are always annoyed when they cant find the right bra to go with their dress. Bras can be a little difficult to work with especially if they are not designed to stay concealed. With Strap Secret there is no more a need to worry about finding a bra to stay concealed with any particular top or dress. The Strap Secret is an easy to use invention that keeps the straps of the bra in place without showing up embarrassingly.

How does it work?

Strap Secret is an adjustable tool that keeps the bra straps in place from the back. There is no need to worry about a finding a bra just to get a bust lift. This can be done with any bra that might be in the closet and just by using Strap Secret. Strap Secret also comes in different colors of blade, nude and white to keep the bra straps completely concealed.


The features of Strap Secret are as follows:

  • Works with any bra
  • 3 colors available
  • Gives a firm cleavage
  • Youthful looking bust
  • Discreet
  • Fits beautifully
  • Adjustable strap

The Strap Secret is great for any kind of women to look her youthful best. The adjustable strap that comes with the Strap Secret is great for even bigger women to use the Strap Secret. The additional feature of the Strap Secret is that it can aid in giving a woman a cup size bigger bust line.


The Strap Secret is for any sleek dress or top that has a unique backline. The Strap Secret is great for any bra and can be used to keep the straps hidden and concealed. It also comes in different colors and is for any sized women. There is no need to worry about a bra strap sticking out and ruining a dress. All that is required is the Strap Secret to keep it in place.


The advantages of using the Strap Secret is to make sure that the bra straps stay in place and does not slip out of the dress and make a beautiful dress look shabby. Many women have their favorite bras that fit them well but which would not go with their dress. This would not have to be a concern with the Strap Secret as it keeps the bra hidden inside the dress so that women can enjoy their look without worrying about their bra being exposed.

Easy to Use

The Strap Secret is very easy to use and just needs to be fit on both the straps of a bra from the back. It can be moved up or down the length of the back to get the desired fit. Women who want to be able to adjust their Strap Secret can do so by means of the adjustable clip that is fit on the Strap Secret.

Save time and money

There is no need to buy several bras for different kinds of outfits. Women can save their money by buying the Strap Secret, which can be fit on any bra and keep in concealed in dresses where it should not be visible.


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The Truth Exposed - (Cleveland, OH)
Reviewed on: 03 Sep 2013
I Regret Buying it!

Strap Secret Exposed

This company is just a front for your personal information to be sold to a third party for profit. I was contacted 13 times in 3 days by this 3rd party asking me if I was interested in a program that would continue to charge my credit card. This after I opted in their system to not call again and stated to them verbally. If you are buying Strap Secret by phone or on line be aware of this scheme.

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