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Stone Wave Cooker Reviews

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The Stone Wave Cooker is designed to be used in the microwave.Usually microwaved foods are filled with fat, because of the amount of oil that is added to cook food in it. However, the stone wave cooker is a uniquely designed utensil that cooks nutritious food by infusing every flavor and nutrient right inside, without fat. Everyday utensils that allow nutrition to escape through the opening and closing of the vessel,decreases food quality.Whereas with the uniquely designed Stone Wave Cooker full flavor and nutrition of food is locked right in the food.

The Claim

The Stone Wave Cooker is easy to use and can help in the cooking of special gourmet foods right in a microwave. The time taken to cook food in the stone wave cooker is approximately 5 minutes, because of the uniquely shaped chimney that allows only very little steam to escape. The custom dome circulates the heat inside the vessel while the food is being cooked. This kind of special cooking is designed specifically for people who prefer to cook in the microwave for the lack of time.



Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Stone Wave Cooker is $10.00 plus $7.99 shipping. The special TV offer allows a free gift which you will receive by paying the extra shipping fee of $6.99 for a total price of $24.98.
Product Score: 2625 / 755 = 3.5

Special Offer

Free Gift

Does it work?

Every part of the stone wave cooker is made to assist in healthy flavored cooking.  The non-stick base of the stone wave cooker only makes facilitates healthy cooking even more. The special design infuses the steam and heat to stay within the vessel while cooking. The Stone Wave Cooker is made of:

  • Ceramic Material
  • Nonstick Surface
  • Steam Release himney
  • Cooling Handle


Be it breakfasts or desserts, low fat, healthy and gourmet cooking is what can be expected of the Stone Wave Cooker. Anything that is baked or cooked can be with no fat, butter or oils. The traditional design of the Stone Wave Cooker is also perfect to add an authentic appearance to the dining table as well. Be it baked apple desserts or French onion soup, it can all be done in the same vessel and there will not be a need to have separate baking vessels ever again.

Tips and Tricks

Covering the top of the chimney after taking the Stone Wave Cooker out of the oven to seal in the aromas of the cooking, can add even more flavor to the already cooked food. Especially when using spices and condiments in cooking, closing the top of the chimney till the vessel is completely cooled down seals in every ounce of freshness and goodness.


The Stone Wave Cooker has several additional features. It can be cleaned easily as the base and every part of the cooker is non-stick. Any amount of heat can be handled by the durable nature of the Stone Wave Cooker. Cooking time is said to be slashed down by more than half because of the unique way that the food is cooked in the vessel. There is no need to even have additional pans or serving dishes to complete a meal cooked with the Stone Wave Cooker. Once cooked, food is ready to serve right off the cooker.

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