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Stompeez are the latest creative and fun-looking slippers that every kid would love. This product is made of quality material and durable stitching, therefore parents will love it as much! It is a mix of design and functionality as well.

The Claim

Have you seen your child bored to death by ordinary slippers? Then we’ve got the answer to your problem. Stompeez are the super cute fun slippers that your kids will love! They’re soft, comfortable and are loads of fun. You can even consider them slippers with personality. Stompeez also come in a variety of designs, there’s BeBop Bunny, Peek-A-Boo-Bunny, Playful Puppy and more! You can enjoy looking at its color plus they’ll make you laugh which will surely brighten up your day! Not only the design is awesome but the quality material and durable stitching, is great cause it’s definitely made to last. Now you and your kids can walk, jump, stomp with Stompeez!

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Stompeez is $19.95 plus $7.95 shipping. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second Stompeez by paying the extra shipping fee of $7.95 for a total price of $35.85.
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Special Offer

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What is Stompeez?

Kids love fancy slippers. Parents are always on the look out for slippers that will keep their little ones’ feet comfortable and look adorable as well. Kids get bored of wearing the usual slippers and land up coloring their slippers at every given chance. Stompeez are great adorable looking slippers that are extremely comfortable to wear and will provide every ounce of entertainment that kids would love.

How Does It Work?

Stompeez is worn on the feet just as any other slipper would be. They are great for any kind of occasion or to be worn just for fun. Kids and adults have a great laugh when the Stompeez are worn around the home. The exciting new creatures do funny things when kids stomp with their Stompeez on.


The Stompeez have the following features:

· Funny Characters

· Soft

· Comfortable

· Durable Stitching

· Cute Looking

· Different Sizes

Stompeez are available in different sizes that can fit kids and teenagers. They are extremely soft and comfy for use. Kids, who do not like wearing slippers or shoes, begin to form a bond with their Stompeez because of the personality they have.


Stompeez are very easy to use and encourage kids to wear slippers to protect their feet at all times. Stompeez is a lot of fun especially at home. Walking around in Stompeez makes people laugh looking at the way the characters begin to animate when pressure is applied on the heel area. The imagination of the child is kindled when they see how their favorite Stompeez animate.


Stompeez is great for different kinds of occasions. Pajama parties are awesome when all kids wear Stompeez and walk around. Stompeez is fun and very durable to wear and tear. Stompeez will encourage kids to leave footwear at the door and get into a funny pair of Stompeez. The fluffy nature of Stompeez makes it great for even young kids.

Easy to Use

Stompeez is worn like a normal pair of slippers and is very comfortable to use. The colorful characters that are on the Stompeez are so much of fun to look at when kids stomp around. The Stompeez are built to last any kind of stomping for many nights. Kids can choose from a whole variety of characters when ordering for the Stompeez online. Depending on a child’s preference, the different Stompeez are great to wear.

Positive Aspects

Stompeez are perfect for gifting to kids for different kinds of occasions. They are easy to use and kids will love this product. Stompeez are known to be slippers with personality and will make a kid smile. Adults can enjoy watching kids walk around in Stompeez. Kids come to life when they wear Stompeez.

Save Money

There are many slippers out there that are fluffy and cute to look at. These slippers are also expensive and are just for comfort. However, a kid wants more than just comfort from a pair of slippers. Stompeez come with all the benefits of a fluffy slipper and also additional character animation of their slippers. Kids love the experience of wearing Stompeez.


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