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Sticky Buddy

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The Sticky Buddy is a roller that works like glue because it can take away hair , crumbs and many more from your home furniture and even from your clothes. It picks up particles especially the ones that are hard to sweep or clean. It cleans up quickly and you can also reuse it.

The Claim

The Sticky Buddy infomercial claims that Sticky Buddy can easily remove different dirt and small objects in seconds. It is made up of rubber and all the objects like hair or crumbs just stick to it. The small fingers are used to get tiny particles that are buried deep in your carpet or in your couch. It is simple to use because you only need to roll it over your furniture, then it gets everything easily. You can clean it as well without ruining its quality just by dipping or putting it under running water and then dry it. Sticky Buddy remains sticky even after cleaning it for numerous times. The Sticky Buddy can also be used not only to clean your home but it also works for your car. It can get hair from your clothes especially if you have pets or it can be used to safely grab tiny objects from the floor.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Sticky Buddy is $10.00 plus $6.99 shipping. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second Sticky Buddy by paying the extra shipping fee of $6.99 for a total price of $23.98.
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What is it?

Sticky Buddy is a sticky roller that picks up crumbs, debris, hair, and more from any floor or surface in the home, office, or car. While it’s rolling onto the area at hand, debris magically and instantly sticks to it. Rubber Fingers are also implanted into Sticky Buddy’s design to loosen any set-in or stuck crumbs or particles from the area. The process can then be followed up with the sticky roller to remove the loosened materials.

How does it work?

Sticky Buddy essentially contains the same cleaning potential of a miniature vacuum cleaner. It performs in the same manner as a lint roller in terms of the rolling and debris-attraction factor, except it is much more efficient and picks up larger, more complex items.

How to use it

To use Sticky Buddy, simply move the rubber fingers in small strokes to loosen tough, ground-in crumbs or debris. Flip Sticky Buddy over and begin rolling the sticky roller onto the crumbs. When the mess is gone, rinse Sticky Buddy with soap and water, dry it thoroughly with a towel, and it’ll be ready for use again. Sticky Buddy can also be used directly on cats or dogs to pick up excess hair and prevent shedding. Be sure to use only the sticky roller side on pets.

Why buy it?

Sticky Buddy can clean up dirt, dust, crumbs, debris, hair, powder, cat litter, pieces and particles of food, and so much more. It’s more powerful than a duster, vacuum cleaner, broom, lint roller, or duct tape. Plus Sticky Buddy works in any room and can benefit both pet and kid owners. Sticky Buddy can take care of any food bits or candy that’s been spilt in a jiffy. It’s extremely advantageous to those who have pets that continuously shed as well. Sticky Buddy picks up handfuls of hair in just one session, leaving the area clean and tidy. Cat litter is also no match for Sticky Buddy. Additionally, pets love being massaged; Sticky Buddy massages their hair while excess amounts stick to the sticky roller.


Sticky Buddy has multiple benefits to offer any homeowner or apartment renter. Here are just a few:

  • Sticky Buddy is easy to use. Crumbs and hair stick to it instantaneously, and rinsing the particles off the sticky roller only takes seconds.
  • Sticky Buddy is multifunctional. It brings set-in particles and debris up to surface with the rubber fingers, then attracts the mess with the sticky roller.
  • It can be used in multiple environments. Sticky Buddy picks up dust, hair, lint, crumbs, and more from carpets, rugs, car seats, furniture, countertops, mattresses, and other places.
  • Sticky Buddy is an excellent product to have around for clothes covered in hair, lint, or dust. It is much more powerful than a lint roller.


Sticky Buddy is an incredibly handy product to have around for picking up crumbs, hair, or reoccurring dry messes. Similar products just don’t have the same power or efficiency of Sticky Buddy.


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