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Starnight Laser

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Starnight Laser can make a home's exterior sparkle instantly. Now untangling lights can be a thing of the past as the laser is easy to use and can create a very special effect. With up to 1000 lights and advanced laser technology, homes can stand out and look festive, great for Halloween, or ideal for parties. The laser comes with a timer which allows the lights to be switched on and off whenever at a time that's convenient. Decorate the interior and exterior of the home in thousands of red, green or blue lights that are easy and quick to use.

The Claim

The infomercial claims that the Starnight Laser can help put an end to struggling with those tangled lights that are put up now and again. It also goes on to say that pointing the laser is all it takes to illuminate a home and the surrounding area. A special effect is reported to be created and users can apparently mix and match a whole range of colors so a unique effect is created. What's more is the infomercial also goes on to say that it can be used in almost any room in the home to give it a unique look.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Starnight Laser is $59.97 plus $14.99 shipping, for a total price of $74.96.
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How It Works

Starnight Laser is a lighting system that will illuminate your home with bright, decorative lights, making it look vibrant and interesting for any occasion. Each system consists of one laser, a stake to mount it in the ground, and a timer that you can use to turn it on and off automatically. All of the lasers operate by virtue of advanced holographic laser light technology, which makes their bright lights look three-dimensional. Hence, when the lights are on, you’ll feel as if you’ve been transplanted into the middle of a starry field.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Mount And Point
  2. Use the stake that is included with your Starnight Laser to mount it in the ground. Make sure the laser is pointing in the direction of where you want its lights to shine.

  3. Turn On
  4. After you’ve mounted and pointed your laser, you can set the timer to make it turn on and off automatically at certain times, or turn it on manually when needed.


  1. Halloween
  2. Spooky decorations will make your house look a bit scary on Halloween, but it’ll look even scarier when you light it up with your Starnight Laser. The laser will illuminate your witches, goblins and ghosts so that they appear even more eerie to trick-or-treaters and passers-by.

  3. Christmas
  4. A Starnight Laser can light up your house for Christmas so that you won’t need to fiddle with traditional wired strings of lights anymore. Lasers are available in red, green, and blue, which are ideal shades for this holiday.

  5. Fourth Of July
  6. If you’re having a Fourth of July celebration, or just want to light up your house in honor of the day, you can use red and blue Starnight Laser lights. They’ll add a glow of illumination around your other decorations, such as flags, so all the neighbors will be able to admire your decorating job.

  7. Pool Party
  8. Starnight Lasers will create great festive lighting during an evening pool party. They’ll also provide a bit of light to swimmers as they use the pool, so they won’t put their safety at risk by swimming in the dark.

  9. Landscaping
  10. If you want to enhance the landscaping in your backyard, or even at the sides of your home, just light up your bushes and trees with a brilliant Starnight Laser. The lasers’ lights will look especially gorgeous when lighting up small ponds or gardens.

  11. Indoors
  12. When you wish to create a festive mood for a holiday, lighting up a room indoors with a Starnight Laser is possible. The lights from one of these lasers can also create a romantic mood when you’re spending an evening in with your significant other. In order to light up the inside of your home, just install your Starnight Laser close to a window so that the lights can shine inside.

Positive Points

  • Up To 1000 Lights
  • Each Starnight Laser has up to 1000 lights, so no matter which color ( or colors ) of laser(s) you choose, your home or yard will be illuminated beautifully.

  • Can Adjust Density Of Lights
  • If you want your laser lights to appear closer together, simply move your Starnight Laser closer to the area that you want to light up. On the other hand, if you want them to appear more spread out, move your laser further away from the area you want illuminated.


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Anne - (Ottawa, ON)
Posted: 04 Dec 2016
I have something to say!

The ordering process was Deceptive, with the system continually asking about enrollment in one or more additional services / products. My order got "lost" after the company charged my credit card. They refused to admit to this even after my credit card company provided evidence of the charge. I would NOT order from them or trust them.

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Robert - (Binghamton, NY)
Posted: 09 Jan 2016
I have something to say!

My red laser bulbs went dim in three weeks, I bougt two and had to take one back to Boscov's and then both of the red went dim in three weeks. Do you have replacement bulbs so I can replace the ones I got or do I just send the units back to you. They cost me $86,00 to purchase.

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Ronald - (Lawrenceburg, TN)
Posted: 12 Oct 2015
I have a Question

How many colors they have in this product?

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