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Squeezy Frenzy can help you turn and normal drink into a tasty, colorful and appetizing slushy! It can make plain drinks into a frosty, cool slushy. You can even make slushy’s according to your own preference with the help of this slushy maker.

The Claim

Are you tired of drinking the usual plain drinks? Then Squeezy Frenzy is the perfect product for you and your kids! This super duper slushy maker can make chilly drinks that are enjoyable for the whole gang. All you need to do is to freeze your favorite cup, add your favorite drink then you squeeze and enjoy your customized drink! You can make a variety of colors too from yellow, green, blue to red. This product is re-freezable and reusable too. It is non-toxic and BPA free. Now there’s no need for you to use ice cubes and blenders! When you’re done with the slushy fun you can refreeze and reuse slushy cubes over and over again so the entertainment never ends! Create perfect slushy surprise with Squeezy Frenzy!



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What is Squeezy Freezy?

As summer approaches everyone would love any cold beverage that would keep him or her hydrated and cool. The average slushy available at supermarkets are probably nice but is also filled with many preservatives and is not healthy. Making a slushy at home can be painstaking and no one wants to get involved in the mess either. The Squeezy Freezy is a remarkable unit that makes an average beverage that is made at home into a nice cold slushy.

How does it work?

The Squeezy Freezy uses artic polar technology to freeze any drink into a frosty slushy by simply squeezing it. The Squeezy Freezy cup is placed in the freezer compartment of a refrigerator. To make a slushy, the frozen cup is taken out and filled with any juice of preference. Following this, the Squeezy Freezy cup is squeezed instead of the regular shaking to form frosty slushies.


The features of the Squeezy Freezy is as follows:

- Artic Polar Technology

- Squeeze to Work

- No batteries

- No Electricity

- Easy to Make

- Healthier choice

- Non-toxic Cup

- BPA Free

- Reusable

- Re-freezable

The Squeezy Freezy is an absolutely loveable choice that even kids would enjoy making slushies with. It is easy to make a slushy with Squeezy Freezy by simply squeezing the frozen Squeezy Freezy cup that is filled with juice.


The Squeezy Freezy is very easy to use and does not need batteries or electricity to make a nice cup of slushy to beat the heat. Any normal juice at home and be turned into a slushy with the help of Squeezy Freezy. Even an early morning orange juice can be consumed as a slushy with the Squeezy Freezy. The container is non-toxic and can be used to make every slushy even fit for small kids. There is no need to use blenders or ice cubes to make a slushy.


The Squeezy Freezy can be used at birthday parties or at the park for kids to make their own slushy with any juice that is available. It is a great activity for kids to make slushies with Squeezy Freezy. The Squeezy Freezy comes in four different primary colors to help kids identify with every Squeezy Freezy cup.

Easy to use

The Squeezy Freezy is very easy to use and it takes about a minute to make a nice cold cup of slushy. There is no need to add ice cubes or shake the container to make a slushy. Shaking the container sometimes can cause accidents if the cap is not closed properly. The Squeezy Freezy avoids such accidents by allowing the slushy to be made by simply squeezing it over and over again to make the juice into a slushy.

Save money

Other expensive slushy makers take a lot of time and energy out of a person while making the slushy. There is no need to worry about the mess or any elaborate procedure while making a slushy with the Squeezy Freezy. Therefore, it saves a lot of money while making a slushy. Moreover, slushies are not beverages that are enjoyed every single day and every time around the year. It does not make sense investing on any expensive devices to make a slushy.

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Samantha Guner - (Pinckneyville, IL)
Reviewed on: 22 Nov 2014
I Regret Buying it!

It doesn't work I put it in the freezer for a week! The ice pack it's very wierd it doesn't look solid and it doesn't freeze at all I paid so much money for this stupid cap $15 dollars never by I seen on TV stuff ever never again!

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Maddison Doel - (Lockport , NY)
Reviewed on: 26 May 2014
I Recommend Buying it!

The Truth About Squeezy Freezy

Works good. you have to wait 5 minuets before you start sweezing it

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Eve Stevens - (Herkimer , NY)
Reviewed on: 25 Apr 2014
I Regret Buying it!

Squeezy Freezy

It sucks I regret buying two of them I want my money back

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Kerry - (Bayonne, NJ)
Reviewed on: 26 Feb 2014
I Regret Buying it!

Does Not Work !

Does not work !!bought and returned three. first one had hard salt looking substance inside, not liquid like it was supposed to. second had green mold flake floating in plastic sheeth. third just didnt freeze anything into slush. Worst 14.99 I ever spent.

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Linda - (Hutchinson, KS)
Reviewed on: 19 Oct 2013
I Regret Buying it!

Did Not Work

I have tried it three different times and it does not work......good thing I bought and tried one before I bought any more for gifts....

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Ally - (Ashville, NC)
Reviewed on: 23 Sep 2013
I Regret Buying it!

Squeezy Freezy

I am not happy with this pro duct , this is a horrible product buy the slushy magic instead , it actually works

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Melissa - (Inman, SC)
Reviewed on: 09 Aug 2013
I Regret Buying it!

Does Not Work

I bought this and followed the directions and it didn't work at all. And the worst part of it all is that the interior "freeze" lining leaked!!!! I know it is just salt and water, but that is not safe at all!! Of course, we didn't realize until my child finished his cold drink (no ice or slush). When he finished, we noticed that there was soda IN the freeze lining!?!? So, needless to say, it is going back!!!

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Talktwolock - (VA, VA)
Reviewed on: 05 Aug 2013
I Recommend Buying it!

Great Buy-Works Well

Bought for daughter. Didn't work well first try after 3 hours of freezing. Ended up putting in freezer with liquid in it. After 2 hours, worked good. Have used it several times and works better each time we use it. We have been able to make ice cream! Works best with 24 hour freeze time but last use was after 5-6 hours and husband loves it. It made him a thick "frosty" type milk shake. Now he wants his own cup.

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Jody - (Newburgh, NY)
Reviewed on: 02 Aug 2013
I Regret Buying it!

Does Not Work At All

My grandaughter wanted this, so we bought it, followed instructions exactly and it did not create a single bit of slushy. What a waste of money!!!!!!!!

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Tesla W - (Nashville, TN)
Reviewed on: 16 Jul 2013
I Recommend Buying it!

It Does What It Says

My daughter and my niece and nephews love it. I recommend having at least one per child because it does take a while to refreeze. Also be prepared to work out because this is one where you seriously feel the burn lol. Best advice I can give about the product is make sure its in the back of the freezer that way it gets cold and will work properly.

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Erica - (Atlanta, GA)
Reviewed on: 23 Oct 2013
I have a Question


So i kept seeing this thing everywhere and my favorite youtuber grav3yardgirl did this and she normally has bad luck with as seen on TV items so when i bought it i cleaned it then reassablemed it so after that i sat it in my freezer overnight the next morning i put some soda in it i let it sit for about 3 minutes, nonthing happened then i squeezed it for 3 or 4 minutes still nonthing changed so i saw that ghe salt was down at the bottom so i shook it really good and i let it set over night again shook it put a drink in it let it sit shook it and still nonthing happened please help!!!!!

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