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Sprinkler 360

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Sprinkler 360 is a versatile and adjustable way to water your lawn or garden. Traditional sprinklers regularly spray in places that you do not want, such as the driveway or sidewalk. This product does not give you that problem. In fact, it completely eliminates it with its multiple water velocity settings and multiple spray patterns. Thus, you can choose exactly how you want your garden or law sprayed every time without worrying about water waste. It can even be timed to turn off exactly when needed, decreasing the likelihood you will overwater. You are able to water even small patches of grass or garden sections with ease.

The Claim

This product helps you reduce water waste while spraying only in the direction you need. It can be easily moved and positioned in multiple ways, giving you versatility as you water the lawn. Furthermore, it does not require your supervision due to its timer system. Users can position it, set its timer, turn the device on and walk away. Its timer will dictate when this product stops watering your desired location without any additional assistance. Thus, this is a convenient and easy way to water the grass or garden. A pivoting sprinkler head also makes sure that not only one area is being sprayed unless you specifically programmed that feature.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Sprinkler 360 is $19.95 plus $8.95 shipping. The special TV offer allows a free gift which you will receive by paying the extra shipping fee of $4.95 for a total price of $33.85.
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Special Offer

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  • Five Settings

    There are five velocity settings on this sprinkler. It can spray up to forty feet in all directions if needed. Additionally, it can spray directly up, to the left, right, or within an all around smaller circumference. Thus, you are able to access many water flow types without needing multiple kinds of sprinklers.

  • Save Water

    If you water your lawn or garden often, you no doubt have run into the problem of forgetting to turn the sprinkler or hose off. This can be an issue for both the plants you are overwatering and your water utility bill. Now, you will not have this issue, as Sprinkler 360 helps you save water with a sprinkler timer. You can simply set it and forget about the sprinkler.


  • Rotating Sprinkler Head

    A rotating sprinkler head ensures your garden or lawn gets an even distribution of water if that is how you programmed it. Thus, it works like many sprinklers that allow you to set it for rotating cycles instead of being stationary. This can be useful if you need large areas of grass watered that are in various locations.

  • Wide Range

    Since up to forty feet of grass can be watered with this device, it ensures that most sized lawns will be easy to water with the Sprinkler 360. Thus, even larger lawns will be faster to water since you will need to move the sprinkler around much less.


  • Timer is Separate

    While the EZ Timer is offered as a bonus gift on the official website, it does normally come separately. Thus, it is not a feature that all will have - which would make timed watering more challenging for those without it.

  • Green Color Only

    This product only comes in the color green, which some users might not prefer. Additionally, since it can blend in so easily with grass - it can be an easy object to trip on when not in use.

How It Works

Sprinkler 360 first needs to be positioned where you need it to go. Once it is in position, you can set the EZ Timer ( if you have one ). Then, switch to the setting you need and turn the sprinkler on. If you have set the timer, the sprinkler will turn off on its command. However, if you do not have the add on timer, you will need to either set an alarm or remember to turn the sprinkler off.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Use a Timer

    Even if you do not have the EZ Timer designed for this sprinkler, use a timer anyway when watering the lawn. This way, you can avoid overwatering or wasting water.

  2. Experiment With Settings

    To find the most ideal setting, experiment with each one to see how well it suits your needs. This will help you figure out the best way to care for your lawn or garden with the most ideal water flow direction.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What About Spray Patterns?

    The spray patterns on the Sprinkler 360 can be changed from a wide spray pattern, to a more narrow one - and right back to a wider one.


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Gil Thrasher - (Newnan, GA)
Reviewed on: 03 Aug 2015
I Regret Buying it!

Did NOT Receive my Order Placed on June 12, 2015

I placed my order as stated above I called the phone
Number that was provided at the time. However, the
Promotion did NOT exist. My odder # 14914747. Please
Respond at my phone number is
770-599-0971 I would prefer a phone call as follow up.

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Gloria - (Spring Valley, NY)
Posted: 17 Jul 2015
I have a Question

Please contact me via email
I would like to order a few of the Sprinkler 360.

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Richard Shadick - (Hugo, OK)
Posted: 06 Jul 2015
I have something to say!

Ordered sprinkler on 5 / 17 / 15 and still do not have it and can't get anyone on the phone for information.

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Jackie Ducharme - (Providence, RI)
Posted: 02 Jul 2015
I have something to say!

Want to order sprinkler - 360 need a phone#.

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