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Spin Spa

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The Spin Spa is a handheld, battery powered, self-rotating brush attached to a handle that you use in the shower or bathtub to clean and exfoliate your skin.

It comes with five changeable brush attachments - four for cleaning with soap or bath gel, and one with a pumice for the feet. With the range of attachments, the user is able to experience different types of pressure and cleaning styles.

The product's handle is long enough for the average user to reach their back or lower legs with the brush attachment, allowing it to be used by people with disabilities or range-of-motion problems.

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The cost of Spin Spa is $19.99 plus $5.99 shipping, for a total price of $25.98.
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  • Microderm Head

    The Microderm Head is a brush that can be used on mature skin or skin that needs to exfoliated. It works by removing dead skin cells, making new skin visible and the skin appear more youthful. This brush can be used from head to toe, and soap or shower gel should be used with this brush.

  • Cleansing Head

    The Cleansing Head looks like a traditional mesh shower sponge and provides less intense cleaning than the Microderm Head or Massage Head ( see below ). This brush can be used on the whole body, and can be used with soap or shower gel.

  • Massage Head

    The Massage Head is a brush with short, soft bristles and "fingers' that work to relieve muscle tension. It also claims to help with cellulite by increasing circulation. This brush is meant to be used while wet, on the whole body, and with soap or shower gel.

  • Pumice Stone

    The Pumice Stone is an attachment consisting of a pumice stone surrounded by short soft bristles. This brush is intended for use on dry skin on the feet - especially the heel of the foot - and should be used while dry and on dry skin. It should not be used with soap or shower gel.


  • Saves Time

    The Spin Spa can save a person time while showering. A user simply applies soap to the brush, turn the brush on, and then lets it do it's job. You won't have to spend time scrubbing yourself or trying to reach the hard-to-reach spot on your back - this device will do it for you!

  • Great for the Disabled

    People with problems with their wrists, elbows or shoulders, and anyone who has difficulty stretching or moving to reach certain spots on their body will benefit from this product. With the long handle attached to the brush, the user will not need to reach as far to clean their legs or back. The Spin Spa also eliminates the need of the user to make circular motions with their sponge, soap or washcloth, allowing people with range-of-motion problems to still get really clean.


  1. Short Battery Life

    Some purchasers of the Spin Spa have experienced a short battery life, with some claiming the batteries only last one or two uses.

  2. Not Powerful

    There are reports that the motor in the Spin Spa is not very powerful, causing the brushes to spin slowly and not be very effective.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Save Battery Life

    To help prolong the battery life, some users recommend using lithium-ion batteries. Another suggestion is to use rechargable batteries and always have an extra set ready to go.

  2. Reduce Pressure

    A tip offered by users of the Spin Spa is to not press any of the brushes too hard against the skin, as this causes the brushes to slow their rotation and drain the batteries.

Does It Really Work?

Yes, the Spin Spa really does work. The brush attachments really do rotate, and the product works when wet in the shower, and with soap or gel, giving the user a good cleaning experience. Although there are some complaints about the battery life and lack of pressure, there is no question the product does what it claims to do.


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