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Slim Panties 360

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Slim Panties 360 are undergarments for women that will gently compress and minimize the appearance of body fat like shapewear does, but without making you uncomfortable. The panties are stretchy and slip on like standard panties do, but extend all the way up to just below the rib cage. Each pair has a 360-degree compression panel that extends from the top of the panties to just below the belly button. These panties come in black and nude, and are machine washable.

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How It Works

After you put a pair of these panties on, its 360-degree compression panel will gently compress any fat around your waist and abdomen, including that on your sides or back, thereby minimizing its appearance. Hence, if you wear a pair of tight jeans and / or a form-fitting top, you won't see bulges anywhere in those areas. The panties provide a slightly higher level of compression at the front, so if the front of your abdomen or waistline tends to be your problem area, you may benefit from some extra help there.


  • Two Shades

    These panties come in two shades, black and nude, and in each set of six, you'll receive three black pairs plus three nude. You may prefer the black version if you want to look and / or feel sexy, but the nude version will come in handy when you want to wear light-colored clothing.

  • Five Sizes Available

    The panties are available in five sizes, from small / medium to triple/quadruple extra-large, and fit women with waists measuring between 27 and 39 inches. However, since they are stretchy, if your waist falls a bit outside either end of that range, a pair may still fit you.

  • Breathable Fabric

    Slim Panties 360 are made from a soft, breathable nylon-spandex fabric blend that's been designed with the principles of Stay-Cool Technology in mind. Therefore, when you wear yours, you will most likely feel comfortable and cool, regardless of how long you have the undergarment on.

  • Seamless

    These panties have no seams, so even if your pants are extremely tight, no panty lines will be visible while you wear this underwear. They also have no hooks, buttons, or zippers that could potentially dig into your skin.

  • Non-slip Silicone Band

    Each pair of panties has a non-slip silicone band, located in the waist area, that will help prevent them from slipping down as you wear them. The compression panel, due to the fact that it stops just below the rib cage, will also help control slippage.

  • Machine Washable

    You can wash your Slim Panties 360 in a standard washing machine, although it's recommended that you wash them in cold water, with your machine set to delicate, and with clothing of a similar shade. To dry them, you should either hang them up or use your tumble dryer on a low setting.

Positive Points

  • Almost Instant Results

    Once you've put a pair of these panties on, you'll notice that you look slimmer throughout the middle of your body almost instantly.

  • May Look Two Sizes Smaller

    While wearing these panties, you may look up to two clothing sizes smaller. If some of your clothing is a bit tight in some areas to begin with, you may find that it fits ( and looks ) better once you have the panties on.

  • Lift Buttocks

    Besides slimming your waistline and abdomen area, these panties will also lift your buttocks and make it look more toned. With a lifted bottom, your pants and shorts may fit you better or appear more attractive on you than they did previously.

Negative Points

  • Results Aren't Permanent

    If you have excess fat around your midsection or a saggy bottom, these will return immediately after you take your Slim Panties 360 off. To make your body look more toned when you're not wearing these or another shaping garment, you'll need to change your diet and / or exercise routine.

  • Not Suitable With Crop Tops

    While these panties won't show through or poke out the edges of most pieces of clothing, they aren't suitable to be worn with crop tops. When pulled up to their full height, they'll be visible within the area the top leaves uncovered, and if rolled down, they won't do their slimming job effectively.


  • Standard Shapewear

    Unlike the Slim Panties 360, standard shapewear garments often have zippers and hooks that can make the garments uncomfortable to wear, and may even leave red marks on your skin. Some must even be pulled up over the shoulders so that they won't slide down, while these panties are less restrictive, only extending up to just below the ribs.

  • Tummy Control Panties

    There are a variety of panties with tummy control panels available these days, but some of these only go up to just above the belly button, so they won't slim the entire waist area. Plus, some only have front compression panels, while the Slim Panties 360 will compress the back and sides of the midsection, along with lifting the buttocks, too.


  • Not Good for Young Girls

    While these panties are fine for adult women to choose to wear ( or not ), young girls should just focus on being as healthy and active as possible without worrying about shaping garments. A parent should not hastily buy a pair of Slim Panties 360 for their teenage daughter who thinks their body doesn't look quite right.


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Carol Sisti - (Haledon, NJ)
Reviewed on: 15 Oct 2016
I Regret Buying it!

Panties 360

Very disappointed with the customer service I ordered slim panties about 4 weeks ago I sent them back and I got a letter from customer service on October 3 saying that they were going to send my exchange out immediately and as soon as I receive them to send back the originals or I will be charged for the replacement in 30 days if they don't receive them back. Well I haven't received it as of today which is 10-15 and I called customer service and they said that I had to send the original back first, 3why would you send me a letter saying they're going to send them out and is soon as I receive them I will get the exchange back I think customer service is terrible. The two men who helped me was only doing there job but the policy of the company sucks, if I don't receive my package by the end of next week, I will call American Express and get my money back. Poor exchange policy.

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Debbie - (Demorest, GA)
Reviewed on: 25 Sep 2016
I Regret Buying it!

Brief 360 no Show

I ordered a month ago. I called they said on the way and still have not been delivered. I call as to place order operator said yes when ask do you have in stock and will receive in 2 weeks. When I ask if you have in stock why can't I receive my order she hung up on me.

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15 Oct 2016

I sent mine back for an exchange and got an email saying they would send my exchange out immediately and as soon as I receive the exchange to send the original back in 30 days or I will be charged for the replacement. Call today and was told to send back the original ones and then they will send out my exchange, well that isn't what the letter said. I also called on the 11th and was told my order was pending. Not happy here poor exchange methods.

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