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Sit N Cycle

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Sit N Cycle is a new kind of fitness bike designed for busy baby boomers and active seniors who want to stay fit. Staying active will give long term health benefit so why just sit, when you can Sit n Cycle?

The Claim

Sit N Cycle uses effortless minimal resistance designed for hours of extended use. Now, you can keep your body moving without heavy strain and you won’t be distracted by the resistance so you can do it anytime. You’ll keep moving while you’re watching TV, talking on a phone, reading a book or surfing the web. SitNCycle features a comfortable padded seat, a hi-tech design that automatically engages your core as you’re moving the pedals so you get to tighten your tummy and drop unwanted pounds at the same time. And, a stronger core means a stronger back so you’ll stop the slumping and have a better posture. With SitNCycle, you work your legs, calves, hips, butts, abs and strengthen your back. It’s lightweight and has wheels so it can be easily moved and stored anywhere. It can also be carried to any room in the house with ease.

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What is it?

Sit N Cycle is a revolutionary portable exercise bike that allows senior citizens to stay fit and relax while they work their legs with minimal resistance for hours of extended use. Users can pedal forwards or backwards and they can stay in shape without the added strain of traditional exercise equipment. It’s basically active sitting that gives users the option to watch TV, read, or just relax while getting a healthy amount of exercise. 

How does it work?

Sit N Cycle allows users to multi-task while getting their level of exercise for the day. Now instead of just lying in a couch and watching TV, senior citizens can actually burn calories while watching TV. The forward and backward motion of the pedals makes all the difference in the world. Even the busiest of people can get into shape or stay in shape while simply consistently pedaling on the Sit N Cycle. It uses a small level of resistance, so users won’t feel an unbearable amount of strain when they get their healthy exercise for the day. 

Why it works 

The Sit N Cycle features a comfortable, extra-padded seat and a high-tech design that automatically engages the user’s core as they move the pedals in a forward or backward motion. With barely any effort, users can get a tighter, flatter stomach and burn away unwanted pounds at the same time. Additionally, the stronger core makes for a straighter posture, so users will find themselves with a strong and straight back. With the Sit N Cycle, users gently work their leg muscles, calves, hips, butt, and abs, as well as strengthen their back, all while going about their daily business. 

Why buy it?

The better question is, why not? Getting older has its ups and downs, and for most people it’s hard to stay in shape when they have just busy lifestyles and on-the-go activities. But Sit N Cycle allows users to multi-task and get their daily tasks finished without the stress and strain. Sit N Cycle is so easy to use that people will barely feel like they’re moving at all, yet they’ll be getting in shape the proper and healthy way. Sit N Cycle is even recommended by an Olympic Gold Medal winner who is a World Champion figure skater. Relaxing can totally be done on the Sit N Cycle, because it doesn’t require the arms at all- only the legs. 


The benefits of using the Sit N Cycle on a daily basis are endless. Here are a few notable benefits to mention: 

  • So easy to use; simply requires pedaling in a front or backward motion 
  • Nice and portable. Folds up to be stored away anywhere 
  • Intended for senior citizens to stay in shape 
  • Doesn’t require any use of the hands, yet it flattens the tummy and loses pounds 
  • Users can watch TV, read, and play on their tablet all while using the Sit N Cycle 
  • Low level of resistance means no stress or added strain 

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