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Simple Hang

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Simple Hang hooks are clear, reusable fixtures that you can use to hang a variety of things from virtually any flat surface. Without nails, screws, or adhesive, these hooks will stick to solid glass, wood, tile, or metal. Simple Hang hooks are great when you want to hang essentials such as your keys or reading glasses nearby, but they'll be able to withstand the weight of smaller picture frames and tools, too. In each set, you'll get 18 clear, translucent hooks.

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How It Works

The back of each of these hooks contains thousands of micro-sized suction cups that will grip firmly onto a flat, non-porous surface, consequently keeping each hook from falling off. If you decide to peel a hook off and move it to another location, its suction cups will grip a new flat surface just as effectively as the first.


  • Clear

    All Simple Hang hooks are clear, so regardless of where you hang yours, they'll be fairly inconspicuous to the casual observer.

  • Small and Large Sizes

    In each set of 18 hooks, there are nine small hooks and nine large ones. Hence, you'll be able to choose the size that you think best suits each object you want to hang up.

  • Hold up to 10 Pounds

    Each hook will hold up to 10 pounds without falling off a surface, so you'll be able to hang several very light things or one slightly heavier item from each of yours. Note: If an item is close to 10 pounds, you should use one of your larger hooks, as opposed to a smaller one, with it.

  • Withstand Water Pressure

    You'll be able to use your hooks outdoors, even if it frequently rains where you live, since they'll be able to withstand up to 4200 pounds of water pressure without losing their effectiveness. That means they won't easily fall down in your shower either, even if your shower head delivers an intense stream of water.

  • Reusable

    You'll be able to reuse these hooks as many times as you want, since unless the hooks get damaged, their suction cups won't lose the ability to powerfully grip surfaces.

Positive Points

  • No Tools Required

    To hang one of your Simple Hang hooks, you won't need any tools besides your two hands—in fact, you probably could hang one with only one hand if you needed to. If children under your care decide to use them, you won't need to worry about the kids hurting themselves while using a hammer or drill.

  • Won't Damage Surfaces

    These hooks won't damage the surfaces you attach them to by creating holes, ripping off paint while being removed, or leaving sticky residue behind. Therefore, they're an ideal choice for dorm rooms or rented apartments in which walls must be left unblemished for the next tenant.

  • Deluxe Set Available

    If you think you'll need to hang items that weigh 10 pounds or more, you may want to consider getting the deluxe Simple Hang set, which includes heavy-duty hooks that are larger and sturdier.


  • Nails

    You can use nails to hang small items, too, but they'll put ugly holes in your walls, and they also can't be used on glass, metal, or tile surfaces. Plus, if you go this route, you'll have to put in the physical work required to hammer them.

  • Screws

    Using screws to hang things up could be just as much of a pain as using nails, since you'll need to find an appropriate size and shape of screw and pull out your noisy drill.

  • Adhesive-backed Hooks

    Like Simple Hang hooks, adhesive-backed hooks can be hung quickly without tools, but they tend to lose their stickiness quickly. Moreover, when removed from a surface, they may pull off paint on the way and leave some stickiness behind.


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