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Shake And Shell

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Shake and Shell is a kitchen device that'll peel your hard-boiled eggs for you in seconds—you won't even need to touch the eggs with your hands. After you're done peeling an egg, you can simply dump it out of the device and into a bowl, and then use it for egg salad, a batch of deviled eggs, or another egg-related dish. If you like to add garlic to your cooking, Shake and Shell will quickly peel that, too.

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The cost of Shake And Shell is $10.00 plus $6.99 shipping. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second Shake And Shell by paying the extra shipping fee of $6.99 for a total price of $23.98.
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How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Fill With Water

    Fill your Shake and Shell up with cold water, stopping at the fill line.

  2. Add Egg

    Drop a boiled egg into the device and close the lid.

  3. Shake

    Shake the device so it can crack and peel your egg. You shouldn't need to do this for more than a minute.

  4. Remove and Serve

    After you're done with the shaking, remove the lid of your device and turn it upside down, letting the freshly peeled egg inside fall into a bowl below. At this point, your egg will be ready to be eaten as is or used in any dish you choose.

  5. Rinse Device

    To remove any traces of egg, thoroughly rinse your device in the sink and then store it for its next use.

How It Works

Each Shake and Shell has a "safe break" interior that enables it to crack and remove the shells from hard-boiled eggs without causing damage to the eggs as they come in contact with its walls.


  • Peels Garlic

    Peeling cloves of garlic can be an annoying task, especially if this results in you getting the smell of garlic on your hands. Fortunately, your Shake and Shell will peel garlic cloves in the same way it peels eggs.

  • Compact

    Shake and Shell is small enough for virtually anyone to hold in their hand, and will fit comfortably in most kitchen drawers for storage.

Positive Points

  • Good for Users With Arthritis

    If you have arthritis, you may find it difficult to peel eggs with your fingers. Using Shake and Shell won't be as hard on your joints, though, as shaking it only requires hand and arm movement, not finger movement.

  • Fun for Kids

    Children might not have the hand-eye coordination to peel eggs without the assistance of a tool, but they could have fun shaking this device like a maraca. Plus, being able to peel their own eggs may give them a sense of independence.

  • Promotes Protein Consumption

    Since you'll be able to peel eggs more quickly than usual by using Shake and Shell, you'll be more likely to eat dishes that feature eggs, which provide the body with needed protein.

  • Comes With Recipe Guide

    Each device comes with a guide containing one hundred recipes that can be made with eggs.

Negative Points

  • Opaque

    It would be beneficial if the outside of each Shake and Shell was transparent, so users could see an egg being cracked and peeled, but the outside of the apparatus is opaque ( white ).

  • Requires Water

    Every time you use your Shake and Shell, you'll need to fill it up at least once with water. Over time, this could add to your water bill, or if you buy jugs of water, make it necessary that you buy it more often.


  • Hand Peeling

    Peeling eggs by hand is time-consuming, and in the process, you may end up making a mess of yourself, your table or counter, and your floor.

  • Baking Soda Method

    With this method, you must add baking soda to the pot as you boil your eggs, and then blow on each egg to shoot it out of its shell. However, blowing on multiple eggs might tire you out, and some eggs may end up across the room instead of in front of you.


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