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Secret Extensions Review

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Secret Extensions™ are an easy way to add volume and length to any color of hair without the high prices of a salon. Easy to wear and blend into one’s own hair, these extensions are natural in appearance and totally adjustable. Anything one can do to one’s real hair one can do to these extensions including washing, cutting, straightening, curling and styling. This revolutionary headband remains secure through any kind of day and are as easy to remove as they are to work into one’s natural head of hair. Designed to fit any head, these extensions are a simple solution to a fuller head of hair.

The Claim

Secret Extensions™ look great up close and feel totally natural. They look invisible and add volume and length in seconds. More hair that’s ready to wear. Worn just like a headband, the revolutionary accessory is completely invisible and adjustable to fit any head. Made from an all new keratin conditioned fibre and available in many different colors that blend in perfectly, these extensions can be washed, trimmed, straightened and curled just like natural hair. It is easy to style and remains secure on the busiest of days. These extensions are guaranteed to blend in to one’s natural hair, money back guaranteed and can save from spending a fortune at the salon.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Secret Extensions is $29.99 plus $9.95 shipping, for a total price of $39.94.


$29.99 In stock

Lowest Price

The lowest price for Secret Extensions is direct from their official site.

Special Offer

Great Low Price

Where to Buy

Online only, Secret Extensions is not available in stores.

Warranty / Guarantee

30-Day Money Back Guarantee Less P&H

Aggregate Rating

Total Rating: 904 Average Rating: 3.0 Number of Votes : 299

Included in the special offer is:

  • Secret Extensions, a color of your choice.

What are they?

Secret Extensions are secret hair extensions that give your hair length, body, and fullness in a matter of seconds without having to spend a fortune, or wait for hours at a salon. These extensions are guaranteed to blend into your hair or you get your money back!

How do they work?

These hair extensions are made from an all new keratin conditioned fiber that looks and feels like real hair. The extensions are worn just like a headband, except the band is invisible. No one will know you’re wearing them. The headband is also adjustable, so it fits everyone. You can wash, trim, straighten, and curl your extensions just like real hair. They’re also completely secure, so you can still do all your normal activities while wearing them. You can even swim in them!

How do I use them?

Secret Extensions go on easy, and in a matter of only seconds you can transform your look. Simply match your extensions to your hair color. Once you receive your extensions, all you have to do is put them on like a headband, and pull your own hair over. The invisible band is adjustable, so one size fits all, and no one will ever know you’re wearing extensions! You can get thicker, fuller, and longer hair in only seconds with these extensions.


  • Secret Extensions are affordable at only $39.99.
  • They are guaranteed to match your hair color and blend naturally into your hair.
  • They stay secure and won’t slip off during your normal activities.
  • They go on fast and easy, and won’t damage your hair at all.
  • They can be styled just like real hair.
  • They move, look, and feel just like real hair.

Why purchase them?

Secret Extensions allow you to change your entire look in a matter of seconds. Get the longer, fuller, and thicker hair you’ve always wanted at an affordable price with these extensions. They blend in naturally, so no one will know you’re wearing extensions. They’re available in 11 different colors, so you can find the perfect match for your hair color. Style them like you would your own hair to achieve different looks. They look, move, and feel just like real, natural hair, and go on very easily. 

What makes them better than other hair extensions?

  1. Secret Extensions are much, much cheaper, and last a lot longer than other extensions.
  2. They won’t damage your hair at all.
  3. They move like real hair.
  4. They look and feel just like real human hair.
  5. They are guaranteed to blend into your own hair or your money back.
  6. You can put them on in seconds!
  7. There’s no waiting or spending a fortune at a salon.
  8. You can wash, trim, straighten and curl these extensions.


Secret Extensions are changing the way we add volume to our hair. Now we can get all the volume and body we want at an affordable price. Unlike some of their competitors, these extensions look and feel real. You can wear extensions without anyone knowing!

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