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Scrubtastic is a comprehensive cleaning product which is powered and rechargeable such that you can get your whole house clean without the scrubbing effort. This unit scrubs for you. It can be used to break apart hard water, lime build up, or soap scum without you having to put in the work. You can use it on your cook top, in your bathroom sinks or tubs, on shower glass, on sliding door frames, or on your car tires.

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  • Does the Scrubbing for You

    This unit is designed to be powered so that it does the hard work of cleaning and scrubbing for you. The battery inside is recharged when needed, allowing the scrubbing efforts to come from the product and not from you.

  • Great Brushes

    The brush ends spin at over three hundred revolutions per minute which is what guarantees the high torque power. This power is what breaks apart any debris without you doing the heavy lifting or scrubbing.

  • Extensions

    The handle and extension components mean that you never have to struggle to reach an area that is hidden away, far down, or way too high. You can reach all of the spots on your windows, the tile that stretches to the ceiling, and more with the extension.


  • Extensive Design

    This unit comes with two round heads, two flat heads, two angled heads, and extra cleaners and extension wands. The different head sizes are meant to clean different aspects of the same bathroom. For example: the angled head brush can reach into deep grooves in a shower door while the round brush can better access the large tiles or ceramic of a toilet, shower, sink, or tub. Extensions make it possible to reach the lowest or highest angles, preventing the need to ever crawl around on the floor or stand dangerously on a ladder.

  • No Hands and Knees

    You do not have to scrub on your hands and knees, or constantly bend over. This is great for people who have issues with their knees, their back, or even something like arthritis. Such a product makes it simple to just sit or stand and reach every area in the room without much effort.

  • Indoors and Out

    You can use it to clean every part of the house, inside and out. What's more, you can scrub clean bathtubs, sinks, and toilets.

    When you use the extensions and brush angles you can clean grout and tile high up, or down low. Shower doors, of any material, can also be scrubbed clean. In the kitchen you can use the scrubber to clean off cook tops, ovens, and windows. Outside of the home you can get your car wheels, bike wheels, sliding door tracks, boats and more spick and span.

    With the high-torque scrubbing power behind this design, you are not putting in the bending or the hard work. Instead, you just sit back and enjoy the fast cleaning this unit has to offer.


  • Time it Lasts

    While rechargeable, it does not say on the site exactly how long it will last before it has to be recharged which might make the task of cleaning your entire home a multi-faceted operation. That said, given that it is rechargeable and operates similarly to competing products, it is probably similar. This means that the more pressure you apply to the unit while you are scrubbing, the more power is used. So the more pressure applied, the faster the battery runs out. Likewise, if no or little pressure is applied, then the battery will last longer before it needs recharged.


  • Black and Decker

    Black and Decker has their ScumBuster Xtreme Power Scrubber. This unit has a powerful motor which gives the power necessary to remove even the toughest stains and messes from the home. The powered roller brush handles the majority of the scrubbing. You can submerse the unit completely in water which lets you clean in water or out of it.

    Three extensions are built into the same handle and there are interchangeable accessories too that make your scrubbing task simple. Said unit will operate for between twenty five and thirty minutes before it needs to be recharged. During that time it can reach deep down into crevices and quickly clean corners. It is best used on tiles, grout, and bathrooms specifically.

  • Turbo Scrub

    Turbo Scrub is another handheld power scrubber designed to make the task of cleaning much easier. It is a power scrubber which you can recharge as needed. Turbo scrub too offers 300 RMP.

    Said unit runs for forty to sixty minutes before you have to recharge it, which offers a much longer working time. Powered with a 3. Volt NiCad battery, there are no wires or cords which means you can transport this one cleaner anywhere in the home or out and not have to plug it back in elsewhere.

    The dome brush is the primary brush included which is meant to do most cleaning jobs in the home, though the other brushes are given to reach those tougher areas or harder stains. With the extension wand, users are able to reach higher places or difficult to reach corners.

    This really does extend the functionality of this product. There might be times when the extension wand gives leverage but you will need to still apply a light bit of pressure. The amount of pressure placed on the unit directly impacts how long it can last before it needs recharging, so the harder you press, the more power it uses.

  • Hurricane Spin Scrubber

    The Hurricane Spin Scrubber is a cordless power scrubber which can be recharged after use. Without relying upon harmful or abrasive chemical cleaners that otherwise damage your home, it can be used inside and out. It boasts bristles that can fit into the smallest of cracks and crevices and offers 300 RMP too. You can use it to clean away soap scum, grime, dirt, or mildew.

    Their detailed brush heads can be changed into whatever size/style you need. Spinning action through the brush heads make it a powerful unit designed to clean any bathroom surface at an easier pace than manual scrubbing. The flexible bristles are meant to reach into smaller spaces and break apart the grime.

    Users can apply pressure in order to facilitate cleaning, but pressing hard is not necessary. Not fit for all cleaning, it is best used for regular soap scum or dirt removal and not things like mildew. There is a handle and arm extension option that makes it perfect for anyone who has a knee problem, back problem, or arthritis and cannot clean small spaces.


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Lori - (Montral, QC)
Reviewed on: 13 Nov 2016
I Regret Buying it!

Still Waiting for Delivery

Ordered on September 29th. Still nothing. Said 2-3 week delivery.

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Linda Barton - (Nogales, AZ)
Posted: 25 Nov 2016
I have something to say!

Order# 19677380. When can I expect delivery? I hope I didn't make a mistake ordering through manufacturer.

Thank you.

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D K - (Mundelein, IL)
Posted: 17 Nov 2016
I have something to say!

I ordered two of them on September 30th & I haven't received them yet. I haven't been charged either, but I received an e-mail saying my order was complete.

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