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Robo Twist

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Robo Twist is an automatic jar opener, perfect for all types of jars. This unit claims to handle even the most difficult of lids. Rather than struggle to get things open by banging them on the counter or exhausting yourself, this automates the process of jar opening and closing. To use it, you need only set it down over the jar, press the button, and watch the vice grips hold the unit in place and twist off the jar lid.

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The cost of Robo Twist is $19.99 plus $6.95 shipping, for a total price of $26.94.
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  • All Jars

    It works on all jars, all sizes, and all types.

  • Press of a Button

    You push a button to start it and stop it.

  • Easy Storage

    You can easily store it because of its compact size.

  • Safe for Kids and Elderly

    It is safe and easy enough that children and the elderly can use it. In fact, it is quite helpful for anyone with arthritis because it takes away the struggle of trying to twist.


  • Remove and Replace

    Sometimes lids gets so stick that no amount of willpower, tapping, prying, or muscle will open it. Thankfully this unit can open jars large and small without any of that unnecessary effort. When lids refuse to budge, your dinner plans do not have to be ruined. Instead you can avoid the frustration of immovable lids and press a button. All it takes is the press of a button to watch a powerful twisting action loosen even the tightest lids.

    What’s more, when you are done, you can just twist it back on as tightly as ever with a single press. When you are done, just put the unit into a drawer or cupboard where it will remain until you are ready for it again.

  • No Jar is Too Tall

    Purportedly there is no jar too tall because it does not have a base. Instead it just affixes to the top of the jar in question, so height is of little consequence.

  • Perfect for Arthritis

    This design focuses on making life easier for people with limited grip strength or wrist mobility. In fact, the design perfectly targets the issues that people with arthritis often face while opening jars. Given that arthritis is the most common cause of disability, and the fact that over 50 million Americans have it, this makes the act of jar opening a struggle for many.


  • No Size Details

    The company claims that this unit is easily stored and is compact, yet they never specify the size of the unit, unlike similar products.

  • No Power Details

    There is no information on what powers it, though based on its design, it would appear that batteries operate the unit. That said, there is no information on the site about battery operation or how to change the batteries, or even how long an average set of batteries should last.

How It Works

Tough jar lids are never easy. Most people resort to banging the jar lid on a hard surface so as to dent the lid off the tracks, making it easier to slide off. Other people heat the jar lids to try and loosen the seal. In the worst of cases, a stronger individual is sought out to open the jar lids on someone’s behalf.

Robotic jar opener that twists off lids. Structurally, the unit relies upon two large vice grips. The first extends along the outside of the jar, and it presses against the body of the jar you are trying to open. A second vice grip is located in the top center, on the underbelly of the robotic unit. This vice grips the jar lid. While holding tightly to the lid, this central vice unit turns until the lid is unscrewed. .

How it's Different from Competitors

The unit is a standalone unit. As such, it is decidedly better than competing brands which often need to be braced against something or affixed to the top of a counter. Of course, what some might consider to be a good thing, others might not. In certain cases, having the unit that affixes to a counter or under a stove hood means you can just push a jar into it, then remove the lid. Robo Twist does not have that open, so you have to take it out of storage each time you want to use it.

Save Time

In theory, regular use of this product will save you time that you would otherwise spend struggling to get lids off your jars. So if you use glass jars often, this saves you even more time.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Only Glass

    Do not use this unit for plastic jars. The jar opener is meant to work on glass jars only that have screw on lids. Before you watch it unscrew the lid, make sure the arms have fit securely over the sides of the jar to prevent it from slipping.

    It should turn off automatically once the arms have reached either the outermost or innermost position, indicating that the lid is tightly screwed in place or completely unscrewed. Should you choose to use it on a tapered jar, put one hand on top of the jar to hold it in place while the unit works.

  2. Storage

    For compact storage, press the button to “open” a jar on the unit. This will reset the arms to their innermost position. Doing so makes the small unit even smaller.


  • Ez Off Jar Opener

    EZ Off Jar Opener is an alternative that will also purportedly remove lids effortlessly. The installation for this one is simple. You need only remove the cover on the adhesive and stick it in place. Unlike other jar opening systems, this one is designed to adhere to the bottom of a cupboard or unit in your kitchen. As such, you can just put a jar into it, and watch it remove the lid.

    With delicateness, this jar opener can work on large food jars and even open lids for things as small as fingernail polish. Guaranteed to last, this unit is made in America.

  • Hamilton Beach

    Hamilton Beach offers the Open Ease Automatic Jar Opener is another design that offers effortless opening at the push of a button. All you need to do is place the opener on top of the jar and press the button to engage the unit. When you are done, it stores in a compact fashion.

    Said unit will open glass jars with lids that range from one to four inches in diameter. You need only press a button to watch the unit remove the lid. Perfect for those with limited hand dexterity, arthritis, or someone who cooks all the time, this unit takes two batteries to function. While battery operated, the company claims it will open over two hundred and fifty jars before the batteries run out. You can add a kitchen tool you will really enjoy to any home.


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Sue - (Mendota Heights, MN)
Posted: 27 Nov 2016
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What is the approx delivery date for the Robo Twist if ordered today?

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Sue - (Jamestown, ND)
Posted: 27 Nov 2016
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What is the deluxe Robo Twist?

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