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Rc Pocket Racer

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Pocket racers are small toy cars that are small enough to fit in the pocket, and are controlled with a remote control. They are very fast and precise. These cars can be used to race your friends. The toy cars are easy to carry around and fun to play with. They come with a display case and also cones to create an obstacle course. A new favorite among kids, these toy cars are going to keep them busy all the time.

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  • Size

    The toy cars are small in size. They can easily fit in the palm of your hand. These can also be carried in the pocket.

  • Speed

    Pocket racers are very fast. They run with high speed and therefore are perfect for racing.

  • Navigation

    These cars can be controlled with a four way remote control. Their control is highly precise and you can make the toy cars go wherever you want. They can even make sharp turns and go around in circles.

  • Charging

    The cars come with a charger which can be used to charge them after playing so they are ready for use again. Charging time is very less and a few minutes are enough to keep the cars going for a long time.

  • Colors

    These racing cars come in several different colors. The colors include blue, red, yellow, black and white.

  • Design

    Each car has its own unique design. No car is of a single color; rather each has different colored stripes and patterns.

  • Names

    The five different cars have separate names. These are bullet, bull, fury, phantom and ripper.

  • Headlights

    The tiny cars also have working headlights. These LED headlights are very bright and sharp. This means that the cars can be played with even at night.

  • Battery

    The battery is 1.2 volt NiCd and is rechargeable.

  • Display Case

    These cars come in a display case, which looks great if you want to keep the toy cars on a shelf in the room. They look great in their display case and so can be showed off to others. The display case transforms into the remote control.

  • Cones

    Pocket Racers come with four cones. These cones are miniature replicas of real ones that are seen on the road. The cones can be used to set up an obstacle course. You can then navigate your car through the course and even play with your friends to see who completes the course fastest.

Positive Aspects

  • Group Activity

    Pocket racers can be used as a group activity. Different children can bring their own cars and have a race to see who wins. Creating an obstacle course together is fun, so is racing though it with friends.

  • Different Designs

    These toy cars come in five different designs. This means that if there is more than one child in the house, each one can have his or her own different designed car.

  • Perfect Display

    The display case ensures that the cars are kept safe and look good when they are not being used.

  • Size

    These cars can fit in the pocket, which means that they can easily be carried everywhere. This makes it easy to take these toys to your friend’s house so you can play with them together.

  • Durable

    The cars are not easily damaged, even if they run into walls or furniture.

Critical Advice

As these toy cars are small in size, they should be kept away from young children as they can result in a choking hazard. Also, they need to be kept in their display case after each use otherwise these cars may get lost.


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