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Purrfect Arch is the new groomer that brushes cat’s coats while they play. If brushing your cat’s coat is an impossible task, Purrfect Arch is what you need. It’s veterinarian-approved so you know it’s good for your cat.

The Claim

Purrfect Arch has durable plastic bristles that gently remove loose and shedding hair while giving your cat a massage. It helps reduce shedding, hair balls and matting. The carpet base is catnip-infused and this will keep you cat coming back for more. It’s durable and perfect for scratching.



Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Purrfect Arch is $19.95 plus $8.95 shipping. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second Purrfect Arch for a total price of $28.90.
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What is it?

Purrfect Arch is a simple, yet innovative system that allows cats to gently groom their own fur and sharpen their own claws. It is constructed of a catnip-infused carpet base and gentle bristles shaped like an arch. The cat will treat the bristled arch like people or furniture and rub up against it to remove excess hair, as well as safely scratch the base to treat their claws.

How does it work?

The secret to Purrfect Arch’s success is in the gentle bristles. They actually attract and brush the cat’s fur while they play. While they remove excess hair, the cat receives a soothing massage that will keep it coming back all day. Additionally, cats will use the base as a claw-sharpener instead of furniture because catnip conveniently rests inside the bottom of the base.

Why buy it?

Purrfect Arch is the perfect tool to have for any cat owners. Instead of rubbing up against people and furniture and shedding hair everywhere, cats will conveniently use the bristles of Purrfect Arch. This revolutionary grooming system will also prevent cats with front claws from scratching up and ruining all the furniture. They will be naturally attracted to the catnip and knead their paws into the base. Purrfect Arch grooms cats’ fur as well as gives them a lovely, long-lasting massage. Now their owners can pet and cuddle them without having to deal with excess fur shedding all over their clothes. Additionally, the furniture and carpet will remain spotless because the cat will have already shed its hair onto the bristles of Purrfect Arch.

Why not just brush the cat’s fur?

Brushing the cat’s fur should be done once in a while, but it’s not a permanent solution. However, Purrfect Arch is because the cat will continually use and enjoy it. Brushing cats’ fur usually turns into a disaster because fur gets everywhere, especially on carpet, and sometimes they get bored and run away in the middle of the process. Purrfect Arch can entertain a cat for hours on end and keep their fur shiny and soft.


Every cat will enjoy using Purrfect Arch because it will accommodate their needs 24/7. Here are some additional benefits:

  • Makes for a much cleaner house for cat owners because it attracts their excess hair and retains it forever
  • Cats will enjoy the constant massage they get from the bristled arch
  • It’s soft, soothing, and won’t harm the cat in any way
  • Prevents cat’s hair from getting on furniture, carpet, and especially clothes
  • Cat owners will no longer have to brush their cat’s fur because cats they will happily groom themselves on Purrfect Arch
  • Thanks to the catnip-infused base, cats will sharpen their claws on Purrfect arch instead of ruining carpet and furniture


Purrfect Arch is the perfect companion for any cat! Cats will love the massage they receive from Purrfect Arch and they will love their owners even more. Every cat owner should invest in a Purrfect Arch, and there is no reason not to buy one today!

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