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Poppit is a clay that can be used by children to create different shapes and designs. It comes with different shaped molds and a device known as a popper. This makes it easy to design whatever the child wants by simply popping the clay in the popper and having it come out shaped as a particular object. The clay will dry when kept in air and so the item that your child designs can be kept as a permanent souvenir.

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  • The Clay Can be Molded Easily

    It is very soft and can easily be shaped. This makes it very easy for children to play with this clay as they can design anything they want.

  • Air Dries

    The clay can air dry and hence retain its shape. Kids can make this clay dry and hard and thus keep the object that they have created. If your child made something you really like, you can also choose to keep it in the house as a permanent decoration piece!

  • Poppit Molder

    Unlike other toy clays, this one has a molding device, called a popper, which can be used to give the clay any shape you want. All you have to do is insert the clay inside and then just pop it. It will come out in the shape of the molder.

  • Different Shapes Are Possible

    This product comes with several different molds. In this way kids can create a huge variety of objects. Girls who love baking can make clay cupcakes and decorate them as they like. The Poppit machine comes with molds that will create cupcake base, icing, sprinkles and other decoration designs. Children can also make dolls with this clay. These dolls can have different colored clothes and accessories. For those who love animals, the clay can be used to make a large variety of clay animals including dogs and cats.

  • Detailed Designs

    As there are different options, greatly detailed designs can be made. For example, if a child creates a cupcake, it can be decorated with miniature, perfectly shaped hearts. Similarly, a dog can have tiny eyes, nose, tail etc.

  • Soft Clay

    The clay is soft, which means that it does not crack easily. Once something has been made using this clay, it will not break or tumble.

  • Colors

    The clay comes in five different colors. Children can thus create any multi-color object with this clay. Also included in the pack are a popper, seven different molds that will create cupcakes, puppies, and various accessories.

  • Easy to Create Shapes

    This clay can easily be stacked on top of each other to create amazing shapes and designs.

  • Colors do Not Come Off

    Unlike some other toy clays, this one has colors that do not come off. This is great because children will not have stained hands after they are done playing.

Negative Aspects

  • Air Drying Can be a Problem

    Although air drying is considered a good feature, as it can ensure that you get to keep a clay toy you particularly like, it can also be a bad thing. As the clay dries easily, it is necessary to keep it in an air-tight container when not using it. Otherwise. it will become useless after drying and becoming hard.

  • Small Parts

    Poppit has small parts, which can get lost easily. This is especially true for the tiny accessories that come with the pack. Also, small children should not be allowed to play with this toy as it can result in a choking hazard because of the small parts.


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Kyle Hyde - (Fair Haven, NJ)
Posted: 19 Nov 2016
I have something to say!

Is Poppit free?
I want this amazing set.

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