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Play Face Pals

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Play Face Pals are a group of unique stuffed animals that are verging on hand puppets. They are designed to be worn on the hand like a hand puppet, but controlled better. You can change the look of the face by altering the eyebrows, lips, tongue, and mouth. Plush and comfortable, there are many animal types available including lions, wolves, dogs, pigs, and dinosaurs. Kids of all ages can play with them because there are no choking hazards.

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The cost of Play Face Pals is $19.99 plus $8.99 shipping, for a total price of $28.98.
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  • High Quality Design

    These animals are made from high quality plush which makes them extremely comfortable. What’s more, their rounded and oversized shape makes them perfect for cuddling.

  • All Ages

    There are no removable parts, so use of these animals is suitable for all ages.

  • Adjustable Faces

    The face components are flexible and bendable, unlike other hand puppets or stuffed animals. Very few have an adjustable face like this. You can scrunch them, bend them, and adjust the smaller nuances of their face with ease.

  • Face Challenge

    So far kids have been creative enough to make all sorts of faces, like kissy face, bubble face, silly face, grumpy face, winky face, play face, and scissor face. Kids are asked to try and make even more. The more faces you make, the easier it will be for you to accept the challenge put forth by the play face company. .

  • Different Animals

    You can get different animals including a pig, a lion, different dogs, wolf, unicorn, and dinosaur. They come in different colors so there are animals fit for all tastes among little boys and little girls.

  • Gift

    It is a nice gift for kids who like puppets or stuffed animals.

How It Works

This stuffed animal puppet is much the same as other stuffed animal puppets insofar as they have different animals which are hollowed out in the center. Kids can stick their hands inside and move the face around. Only, in this case, the animal faces can be delicately changed too, not just with open mouth feature. The tongue, lips, mouth, and eyebrows are all adjustable. One long eyebrow can be made to lift both eyebrows, one eyebrow, and anything creative in between. The tongue can be rolled back inside of the mouth or stuck out in a crazy face.

How it's Different from Competitors

Competing hand puppets like these feature some of the same animals and the same call to try different faces, but the unique face design is what sets this puppet apart. Traditionally, the inside of hand puppets is hollow such that users can place their thumb in one part of the mouth and their fingers in the other. With control over the upper and lower jaw, kids could make their stuffed animal talk. In this case, the lips, tongue, and eyebrows on the face move too. Opening and closing of the mouth is no longer the limit.

Negative Aspects

  • Playface Challenge

    The company asks kids to take on the “playface challenge”. It would appear that this challenge is simply for kids to come up with the weirdest and wackiest faces they can with their stuffed animal puppet and then submit them to the company. Alternatively, kids can take pictures and just try to come up with as many options as they can.

    Unfortunately, there is very limited information available from the company on just how this playface pals challenge works. Including the term “challenge” makes it seem like an official event, or competition where the company might offer prizes or post the winning faces on their site. So far no further information exists on this topic.


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