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Pet Zoom Nail Groom

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Pet Zoom Nail Groom is the compact and discreet nail groom tool that comfortable trims and smooth your pet’s nails quickly, easily and without any pain. It is veterinary recommended for dogs and other pets.

The Claim

The Pet Zoom Nail Groom infomercial claims that Pet Zoom Nail Groom is uniquely designed with your pet’s comfort in mind. No more jagged edges and pets running away when it’s time for grooming. With Pet Zoom, you can trim and smooth your pet’s nails quickly, easily and pain-free. Unlike some bulky units that need to be rotated, the product has a stainless disk that is curved where nails simply rest on the plate then the tip and sides are trimmed at the same time. It’s high tech and compact design is easy to use and perfectly fits in your hands. It has both large and small protective nail guides for large and small dogs respectively. Pet Zoom Nail Groom is even recommended by vets because it’s not only comfortable but it is safe for your dogs. It’s strong enough to deal with tough nails and gentle enough for puppies. It also features a protective cover that catches nail trimming thus you can enjoy a mess-free grooming session with your pet anytime.

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What Is Pet Zoom Nail Groom?

Pet Zoom Nail Groom is a trimmer for your pet’s nails. It works for small animals as well as large ones. It helps to smooth out your pet’s nails and makes sure that it doesn’t hurt them in the process. It is also small enough to carry around. It trims the tip and sides of your pet’s nail, avoiding sensitive nerve tissue that can cause your pets much pain. As such, it is completely safe for your pet and is a safe alternative to having to remove your pet’s claws. It is a win-win for both your pet and yourself.

How It Works

Other nail groomers for your pet have to be rotated. However, the filing disk in Pet Zoom Nail Groom is curved, meaning that it is much easier to trim your pet’s nails. Not only that, but it includes different sized filers for the biggest and smallest pets. It can also catch the filings to clean up is easy. The groomer trims the tip and the sides, avoiding tissue that can cause pain and even bleeding for your pet. It also can take on tough nails from large dogs and soft nails from small cats. It helps with any situation.

Why You Need It

Pets can cause havoc with their nails. Whether it’s scratching up furniture, scratch up your car, or just scratching you, they can be annoying. Like humans, their nails should be trimmed and groomed. Yet declawing or cutting the nails straight off can cause great pain and suffering. You don’t want to hurt your pets just because of their natural nails, so this product is good if you want to keep your pets’ nails smooth and harmless yet long and groomed. Your pets will be happier now that there’s no pain and you’ll be happier now that they can’t destroy anything.


  • It can groom your pets’ sharp nails without hurting them. Only the tip and the sides are smoothed out, ignoring tissue.
  • It small enough to carry around for any situation.
  • Curved filing disk means no rotation like other groomers, and it is also not bulky.
  • Cover allows for filings to be cleaned up with ease. 
  • Different sized disks means that it is good for big and small pets. It can take on tough and delicate nails. 
  • It is recommended by veterinarians, meaning that it will be safe for your pets. 
  • Your pet will be happier and so will you. 


Your nails grow long, and you don’t just yank them out. You trim and groom them. So if you’re a pet owner and your pets have nails that are too long, why harm them for something they can’t help? By using the Pet Zoom Nail Groom, you can bring satisfaction to both you and your pets. Trim up your pets and not hurt them, and watch as their smooth nails don’t harm you or your valuables. For pet owners, this is a highly recommended product for any animal of any size.


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Vicki - (New Haven, IN)
Reviewed on: 28 Mar 2016
I Recommend Buying it!


I have three large dogs. I first turned this on and rubbed them like brushing with it to get them used to the low humming. After this, I just did one paw at a time, petting them in between nails. I love this thing.

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