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Perfect Rip Deck Reviews

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Perfect Rip Deck is a steel exercise tool that is intended to work the upper muscles. It is a two-in-one device that provides a sliding chest fly as well as a rotating push up. Perfect Rip Deck combines two points of motion to work the chest muscles and the arms at the same time. It has the potential for 9 separate exercises, all which are done with the Perfect Rip Deck on the floor and the user in a push up position. Perfect Rip Deck is also adjustable and can transform for other uses and other upper body exercises like ab workouts.

The Claim

Perfect Rip Deck offers the potential for 9 different exercises with two exercises being done at the same time; sliding chest fly and rotating push up. Perfect Rip Deck’s push up stands rotate a full 360 degrees and the tool can transform to build muscle in the upper body as well as shed pounds. Perfect Rip Deck works the chest, pecs, arms, and abs for a full upper body workout. Users can adjust their range of motion with the safety stop and depend on the heavy-duty steel construction to allow them to perform their workouts. Perfect Rip Deck even locks in place in 7 positions.



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The cost of Perfect Rip Deck is $59.90 plus $9.95 shipping, for a total price of $69.85.
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What is it?

Perfect Rip Deck is a revolutionary upper body rotating exercise tool that works the arms, chest, and abs at the same time through one fluid motion. This one breakthrough machine boasts 9 different exercises that are a surefire way to get completely ripped. Perfect Rip Deck is a complete upper body workout system that will shred pounds, build sexy lean muscle, and create an amazingly muscled upper body that can’t be achieved by any other means. 

How does it work? 

Perfect Rip Deck combines two different exercises into one fluid motion: the sliding chest fly and rotating pushup. The Secret to Perfect Rip Deck’s success is in its innovative construction. It consists of pushup stands that rotate 360 degrees, a range of motion that can be adjusted with the safety stop, heavy duty steel construction, a sliding track that safely simulates the chest fly, removable pushup stands, and easy-pull pins to separate the tracks. Perfect Rip Deck locks into place in 7 different positions and transforms by adjustments to complete certain exercises. 

How to use it 

To use Perfect Rip Deck, first place it on the floor. Put hands inside the removable pushup stands and lock into place to keep the position. To transform the tool into a different tool for different exercises, separate the tracks by using the easy-pull pins. 

Why buy it?

Perfect Rip Deck really is the perfect upper body workout system because it was specifically designed for the upper body to get completely toned and ripped. Its features make it the best exercise tool for getting killer muscles in the shoulders, arms, and chest and achieving flat and amazing abs. Perfect Rip Deck is not complicated to use and can give anyone the body of their dreams if they are committed. Its heavy duty steel construction ensures that it’s durable and will withstand dozens of different exercises completed every day. Perfect Rip Deck creates the perfect upper body because it combines two exercises into one, which makes it a better workout than other systems. 



The benefits that Perfect Rip Deck has to offer are endless. Here are a few notable benefits to mention: 

  • Easy to use, just requires one fluid motion for the combination of two effective exercises 
  • Pushup stands rotate a full 360 degrees for a complex and efficient workout 
  • The easy-pull pins quickly and easily separate the tracks for different workouts 
  • Heavy duty steel construction ensures that the tool will be durable and sturdy enough to withstand dozens of exercises 
  • Users have the option to adjust their range of motion with the safety stop and lock positions into place 
  • Perfect tool for getting a top-of-the-line full upper body workout 


Perfect Rip Deck is the only answer for getting a beautifully ripped upper body with the most efficient upper body exercise tool on the market. It’s safe, reliable, and effective for anyone who is committed to getting the body of their dreams. Perfect Rip Deck combines two exercises into one fluid motion for the best quality workout every time. 

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