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Pedi Pen

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Pedi Pen is a compact callus remover that looks like a pen. To remove your calluses, all you'll need to do is rub the end of the device against the skin of one of your callused hands or feet, as if you're writing. The pen is made of surgical stainless steel, so it won't dull or rust, regardless of how old it is or how frequently you use it. As it's about the size of an actual pen, it can be transported in a purse, backpack, suitcase, or briefcase, so you can use it virtually anywhere. Due to the non-slip textured grip around the outside, you'll likely find it extremely comfortable to hold.

The Claim

When you use the Pedi Pen, you'll be able to make your feet look and feel better in a few minutes or less. If you have dry, cracked skin or calluses, the device will quickly smooth these problem areas out without causing you pain. Since it has a small tip, you'll even be able to use it to smooth out the skin between your toes. Unlike some apparatuses designed for use on the feet, Pedi Pen doesn't have sharp blades that could end up cutting you. It will also remove calluses from your hands, so you won't have to be embarrassed about showing off any of your extremities in public.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Pedi Pen is $10.00 plus $7.95 shipping. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second Pedi Pen by paying the extra shipping fee of $1.95 for a total price of $19.9.
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Special Offer

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How It Works

As you rub the tip of your Pedi Pen against your skin, the pen will collect dead skin inside the tip, and the elimination of this skin will cause dry patches and calluses to disappear. To empty the pen after you're done using it, you'll simply need to push down on the hygienic wand located on the opposite end from the tip. Following that, the dead skin will fall out into a wastebasket, your toilet, or whatever container you choose to empty it into.


  • Beveled Tip

    Each Pedi Pen has a small, beveled tip that you'll be able to move precisely along all the curves and contours of your hands and feet, removing every bit of unwanted skin as you go. The tip will work so precisely that you likely won't need to rub down a particular area more than once.

  • Made of Stainless Steel

    This pen, including the tip, is made of surgical stainless steel, a durable material that will refrain from dulling, rusting, or corroding over time. Therefore, you probably won't need to replace this device for years.

  • Compact

    Since the Pedi Pen is similar in size to a pen that you'd write with, you'll be able to store it almost anywhere without taking up more than a few inches of space. You'll also be able to travel with it without feeling as if your bag's at all weighted down.

  • Blue and Silver

    The Pedi Pen comes in light blue and silver, a color combination that tends to be appealing to both genders. ( If it was pink instead, some men might feel as if they were compromising their masculinity by using it ).

  • Non-slip Handle

    The non-slip handle located at the bottom of each Pedi Pen has been designed to hold your hand in place, so it won't slip off the device as you use it. As you won't need to deal with slipping, you'll likely be able to remove unwanted skin in less time than you would take to do so otherwise.

Positive Points

  • Can Use in Shower

    The Pedi Pen is safe to use in the shower, so if you use it in there, you'll be able to complete two personal hygiene tasks at once. You may find it more pleasant to wash your feet after you've used the Pedi Pen to smooth them out, as your washcloth or loofah won't have any calluses or dry skin to snag.

  • No Water Required

    While you can use your Pedi Pen as you're soaking your feet, it's perfectly safe to use while your feet are dry, too, and won't hurt your skin either way.

  • Doesn't Have Sharp Blades

    Unlike some devices that remove calluses, the Pedi Pen doesn't have sharp blades, so you won't need to worry about accidentally cutting yourself. The lack of sharp blades also makes it safer for kids or teenagers, who may not have much experience with callus removal, to use.


  • Foot Paddles

    You can get foot paddles that will remove dead skin from the bottoms of your feet, but these aren't as gentle on the skin as the Pedi Pen—in fact, they may scrape it instead. Plus, these paddles are often too wide to be used between the toes.

  • Salon Pedicure

    Getting a pedicure at a salon will make your feet smooth, too, but this will take much more time out of your day than using the Pedi Pen would.


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