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Pedi Paws Pro

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Pedi Paws Pro is a battery powered device that cuts your dogs toe nails in a matter of minutes. The system gently files down the nail at a steady pace to ensure the nails are being cut evenly. There are variable speed options and the blade is controlled to ensure you never cut too low. Cutting your dogs nail too short results in nerve damage that is extremely painful. You never have to worry about hurting your dog or creating rough edges. It works by removing nail enamel in slow layers so there is no pain. Simple, fast, gentle and easy to use Pedi Paws Pro is perfect for all dog owners.

The Claim

Pedi Paws Pro is the fast, easy and pain free way to give your pets a pedicure. Regular nail clippers are not accurate. They cause nerve damage and result in a lot of pain. You never have to worry about jagged nails again because Pedi Paws Pro gently file the nails evenly. The is filed down slowly so you never cut the nail too much. With a magnifying glass you can see exactly what you are doing. Obtain perfect results every time with no clean up because Pedi Paws Pro picks up the mess for you - just dump the compartment when finished.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Pedi Paws Pro is $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second Pedi Paws Pro by paying the extra shipping fee of $9.99 for a total price of $37.97.
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How It Works

Pedi Paws Pro is a grooming device that will cut your dog’s nails quickly, easily, and gently. Unlike standard clippers that often cut the nails in a jagged, inaccurate manner, and can sometimes even injure the pet, this device will cut precisely. It will never cut a dog’s nails too short, making them bleed, or press down too hard on sensitive nerves, causing your pet pain. Instead, it will remove nail enamel painlessly in thin layers to give your dog perfectly trimmed nails without hassle.


  1. Dogs
  2. Regardless of the age and size of your dog, you can use the Pedi Paws Pro device to cut its nails on a regular basis.

  3. Cats
  4. Although the product was initially designed for dogs, Pedi Paws Pro can also be used to painlessly trim a cat’s nails.

Positive Points

  • Built In Magnifying Glass
  • This device’s built-in magnifying glass magnifies the area of your pet’s nails that you’re working on, so you can do a more precise job. With it, the area will appear five times larger than it really is.

  • Offers Speed Control
  • As you work on your pet’s nails, you can vary your grooming speed by adjusting the Pedi Paws Pro device’s speed control mechanism. For those hard-to-see areas, you can slow your speed, and for easier areas, you can speed up a bit. You can also slow your speed if you ever notice that your pet seems uncomfortable.

  • Contains Collector Tray
  • The collector tray within your Pedi Paws Pro will collect up any clippings as you groom, so that they don’t end up on your floor or all over you. That way, after you’re done grooming, you can simply empty the tray into your trash bin.

  • Easy To Hold
  • The shape of your Pedi Paws Pro device’s handle makes it easy to hold as you clip your pet’s nails, further increasing your accuracy. There is a pad covering the handle’s top that makes it extra-comfortable to grip.

  • Compact
  • The Pedi Paws Pro is fairly small, so if you’re going on a trip with your pet, you can bring it along in a suitcase or backpack. Therefore, you can ensure that your regular clipping routine is kept up.

  • Enhances Pet’s Experience
  • When you use a standard nail clipper on a pet, many of them aren’t happy about this, because the device actually hurts their nails and paws. With Pedi Paws Pro, your pet will be able to tolerate, or even enjoy having their nails done.

Negative Points

  • Only Cuts
  • Pedi Paws Pro only cuts a pet’s nails. It does not perform any other grooming functions. This means that if you like to enhance your pet’s nails in other ways, such as by painting them, you will have to find other ways to do so.

Save Money

If you’re interested in giving your dog or cat’s nails a basic trim, you can save money on groomer’s bills by investing in Pedi Paws Pro. The device will give an animal’s nails the same look that they’d achieve at the groomer’s, and you won’t even have to pay a groomer’s fees!

Critical Advice

While this grooming device effectively cuts a dog or cat’s nails, it has not been designed to cut human nails. If you use it to do so, they may not end up looking pretty, so you should avoid doing this.


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Peter Baekkelund - (San Diego, CA)
Posted: 13 Sep 2014
I have something to say!

So much potential, so different but yet to be appreciated. Support the launch of this product, for the betterment of your pets.

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