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One Razor

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Micro Touch One is a classic safety razor that’s the modern version of the single blade razor. For over 100 years, the best way to shave is by using a single blade razor and you can bring that back by using Micro Touch One instead of expensive multi-blade razors.

The Claim

Micro Touch One classic safety razor gives you perfectly smooth shave every time. Even professional barbers still use a single blade so you know that a single blade is all you need. Unlike multi-blade razors that are tough to clean, Micro Touch One opens with a simple twist for easy cleaning so you’re sure there’s no gunk trapped inside and your blade will last longer. It feels like a precision-crafted machine right in the palm of your hand.

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What Is It?

One Razor is an incredible new razor that is a modern version of the single razor blade that people always used before manufacturers starting adding additional blades to their razors. Now, there is a new way to get a very smooth shave, without having to pay more for those additional blades.

Does It Really Work?

The fact of the matter is that One Razor really does work, and it’s so simple to use. For years, professional barbers and people in the military only shaved using a single razor blade. Professional barbers still only use a single razor blade because they know it will give their customers a very smooth shave in no time at all.

Lasts And Lasts

The One Razor has proven to last and last, and it’s very easy to take good care of it. More modern razors are often hard to keep clean because of all those additional blades, and they often get bunged up with gunk. The One Razor is different, and it’s so simple to keep it clean:

  1. Open the One Razor with a twist so the blade is exposed
  2. Remove the blade from the razor, taking care not to hurt yourself on the sharp edges
  3. Check the blade for gunk that could cause it to work less well
  4. Wash the gunk off the blade, taking care to check both sides of the blade
  5. Replace the blade in the razor and twist the top of it back on
  6. Use your One Razor with confidence, safe in the knowledge that cleaning it now and again will help it to last even longer, , which means you will have a close smoother shave every day for many years to come.


  • If you’re used to shaving with a razor that has many blades, you may need to learn to shave again. Here are a few tips that might just help you out.
  • Watch a few videos that show barbers and apprentice barbers how to shave with a single razor. There will be many hints and tips that will help to boost your confidence
  • Practice on a hidden part of your arm or leg if you’re not comfortable shaving your face just yet
  • If you’re not sure how effective the razor will be, try not to shave too hard as a rash could form
  • If you’re still not feeling confident, ask your barber to give you a few tips
  • Make sure you continue to use the moisturizers and shaving gels that you love


When you come to use your One Razor for the first time, you may be a little unsure about it. These days advertisements tell us that having a razor with many blades is a good thing because it will give you an extra smooth shave. Even though some of these razors work really well, there are many that aren’t up to scratch. Trust in the One Razor to give you a great smooth shave every single time.

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