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Naturally Free Texture Manageability System is the ultimate in hair styling freedom. If you have naturally curly hair, you don’t have chemically-treat your hair to make it straight. Hair straightening solutions are harsh on the hair; they’re expensive, too. With Naturally Free, you don’t permanently change the texture of your hair. You can make your curly hair straight and remain that way for up to six weeks. And, when the mood strikes, you can go back to your natural curls in minutes. Naturally Straight is the new and healthy way to go from naturally curly to straight and back again with salon-like results but without the chemicals.

The Claim

Naturally Free turns your curly hair into straight hair that has incredible movement, shine and touchable softness. The secret is a unique complex of interactive butters, amino acids and natural proteins. When heat-infused, they bond with your hair’s own protein to give you beautiful straight hair. After shampooing your hair, apply Inter-Active Conditioning Treatment. Blowdry then flat iron your hair and you’ll then have soft, straight hair. Naturally Free works on all hair types including tight coils, curls and waves. When you get tired of your straight hair, you can have beautifully-conditioned, natural curls again. No other hair product will give you this freedom but Naturally Free Texture Manageability System.



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The cost of Naturally Free is $24.95 plus $9.99 shipping, for a total price of $34.94.
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What is it

Naturally Free is a hair straightening product like no other. Most straightening formulas are harsh on your hair and scalp, leaving a chemical-y smell while drying it out and damaging your hair. Naturally Free does none of this. Instead of being full of harsh chemicals, this product is safe for your hair, leaves no residue, smell and definitely does not burn your hair or damage it. This product safely straightens due to the relaxers in the Pre-treatment shampoo and Inner Active Conditioner. Once you’ve rinsed with these, it’s just a matter of blow drying out your hair and straightening it with an iron. Your hair will be soft, manageable and will show no signs of damage. Alternatively, if you want your natural hair back, all you have to do is wash with the regular shampoo -- no chemicals -- and your hair will return to its natural beauty within a few washes. Meaning, you can go from curly to straight and back again with no visible damage to your hair.

How does it work

There are five major steps when straightening out your hair with Naturally Free. To begin, you have to Pre-treat your hair with the Pre-treatment shampoo. Followed by the Inner Active Conditioning treatment. Then, simply dry your hair and straighten  as desired. In order to go back to your curly mane, simply wash your hair with the regular shampoo and conditioner provided. As you can see, none of this requires long waits while you smell your hair reacting to chemicals. Instead, this product will ease your hair into straightness.


  • Pre-treatment shampoo
  • Inner Active Conditioning Treatment
  • Humidity Defense treatment
  • Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Instructional booklet
  • Instructional


What’s great about Naturally Free is it’s an easy and safe experience. Before, you had to leave in chemical-y relaxers in your hair, all the while smelling the chemicals’ reaction while your scalp burned! This product doesn’t do that. The relaxers are in the Pre-treatment shampoo and conditioner, making it gentler on you and your hair. It’s so safe that you can go back to curly hair without issue! Before, you would have to perm your hair to get it curly again because the chemical relaxers would’ve killed your hair, now you don’t have to do that.


  1. Straighten hair
  2. Reverses back to curly hair
  3. Have unbelievably soft, manageable hair

Easy to use

There are five easy steps to achieve beautifully straight, healthy hair. Each step is intuitive: Shampoo, Condition, dry, straighten with hair iron. This is what you would do if you could straighten your kinky hair naturally. None of these steps are time consuming. 

Saves money

Instead of going to the salon or trying one of the more chemical-versions of straighteners, try Naturally Free first. The results are astounding and contains no harsh chemicals. It’s easy to use. You don’t have to take extra time out of your day in order to straighten your hair - all it requires is washing your hair. Enjoy the experience of straight hair while doing virtually nothing different!

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