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Everyone who loves a green salad or use many herbs in their cooking look for the freshest vegetables and herbs on the market. Vegetables and herbs are at its crunchiest best when it is fresh. Buying vegetables and herbs at a market is probably the easiest way to get the goodness of nature. However, growing a vegetable and herb garden to freshly produce vegetables and herbs, takes nutrition to a whole different level. Miracle-GroGrowables do exactly that.

The Claim

Many garden enthusiasts try to have a vegetable garden at some point of their lives. In fact a vegetable garden is the object of every cook’s affection.However, all seeds and shoots purchased from a nursery die within a short while of sprouting for several reasons. Miracle-GroGrowables addressed every single reason for a vegetable garden, not to flourish and provided for the young seeds in a uniquely designed seed pod.



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The cost of Miracle-gro Growables is $29.99 and the shipping is FREE!
Product Score: 48 / 17 = 2.8

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The seed pods of the plants are perfect for an ideal garden fresh salad. There are three different parts to every seed pod:
  • Seed
  • Growing Mix
  • Plant Food
All the three parts are designed to fit into a conical shaped seed pod to fit into a hole in the ground. The seed is placed at the perfect depth to allow it to germinate. The growing mix which surrounds the seed protects the seed and keeps it moist enough to grow well. There is a small amount of plant food at the end of the seed pod, to provide nourishment to the growing.


A healthy and abundant vegetable garden is not difficult to cultivate with the uniquely designed Miracle-GroGrowables. Every single pod has a vegetable that would make a perfect green salad with little effort. Herbs are also a part of the Miracle-GroGrowables kit. Fresh herbs and fresh vegetables are made easy to grow in a small pot anywhere with optimum sunlight. There is no need to worry about young plants is if the nutrition supplied is enough.


With every Miracle Grow Growable kit, there are several kinds of plants. These plants are a mixture of both green leafy vegetables and other vegetables. Herbs are also a part of the kit to add flavor to every meal. By simply planting the seed pod and watering regularly, fully grown plants and thereafter vegetables are just a step away. Parents who want to teach children about the beginnings of plant life can grow Miracle-GroGrowables rather than usual seeds that die away in a while.

Positive Aspects

There are 18 different Miracle-GroGrowables as part of the entire kit. The growth of every seed is guaranteed within the uniquely designed seed pod, that promotes an optimum environment for the young seeds. With fresh produce from a vegetable garden, there is no need to step foot again in a supermarket and buy vegetables that are not carefully handled. Fresh herbs have a different flavor altogether when it is used. Herbs that are in excess can be sun dried and used or given away as an ideal gift.
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Windy Parker - (Cumming, GA)
Reviewed on: 02 Sep 2013
I Recommend Buying it!

Love It

I just love the growables... I normally kill most things I try to grow, the cucumbers didn't even give me indigestion, and they were very sweet and juicy... Same with the tomatoes...

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Sheila Keenan - (Quincy, MA)
Reviewed on: 14 Jul 2013
I Regret Buying it!


Out of this complete kit, I got 2 tomato and one cucumber plant to grow. 3 plants for $30 is no bargain. This product is something I would definitely never buy again, let alone recommend.

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