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Mile Light works as a powerful flashlight which is tactical in nature, with five modes of operation. It functions as a multi-use flashlight. Its beam reaches one mile away thereby allowing users to see up to 1 mile in any direction. This tactical flashlight is encouraged for myriad uses including activities such as camping, hiking, emergencies, or self-defense. The features afforded to users make it a viable option for many situations in which consumers find themselves.

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  • Different Modes

    Five different modes including sos, strobe, and low to high.

  • Telescoping Focus

    Telescoping focus to help pinpoint or direct focus to specific things or areas.

  • Beveled Edge

    A beveled edge which doubles as a weapon.

  • High Quality

    Aircraft grade aluminum which means high durability and light weight.

  • Many Colors

    Unlike other tactical lights, this one comes in four colors available for all consumer types including black, blue, gold, and pink.

  • Long Lasting

    One hundred thousand hours of life.

  • Flexible Uses

    Perfect for walking in the dark, emergency situations, camping, or self-defense.

Positive Points

  • Warranty

    This model comes with a 1 year replacement guarantee so if anything should happen or fail to function properly, then the consumers can enjoy a replacement. What’s more, if consumers use all of the one thousand alleged battery hours, then they can get a replacement within the first year.

  • Many Modes

    The Mile Light can be used in one of five modes which means that illuminating a path, finding a missing item, or standing up to an attacker can all be done with the same light. These five different modes make it an ideal light for many situations.

How It Works

The Mile Light is considered a tactical light and not a regular flashlight. For this reason it has a more powerful beam than most handheld flashlights, and offers a more rugged construction compared to standard flashlights. This particular light is comparably better than other tactical flashlights because of the variety of colors. Aside from the color options, the rest of the features reflect upon a high quality tactical light. Given that it is tactical, it has the same features a tactical light would including the strobe mode, energy conservation modes for those outdoors, and the zoom function.


  • Tac Lights

    There are many similar tactical lights online and in stores with similar designs and functions. Offering considerably better features compared to traditional flashlights, these all have improved durability, a smaller total size, and a brighter beam.

    Bell and Howell has a Tac Light similar to Mile Light. It is also sold online. There are other similar lights advertised online right now from Atomic Beam. Of course, higher end models which are the best in tactical lights are available online and in stores, such as the Streamlight tlr-1. They do come at a much higher cost, but because they are among the highest rated and finest tac lights on the market. These all boast the same features as the Mile Light, including the zoom, multiple modes, and long life span. What's more, all of the current alternatives on the market even boast the same multiple uses such as self-defense, traffic alerts, emergencies, camping, or hiking. The warranties offered vary for each of the alternatives, so consumers are advised to consider their budget, what purpose the light will serve for them, and whether it is worth investing in higher end lights. This light is reliable and has great features, but it might not be enough for some consumers. For other consumers it might be too much.


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