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Mighty Bite

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Mighty Bite is the world’s only 5-sense fishing lure system designed to allow users catch bigger and more fishes during their fishing trips. It catches fish using the principles of the five senses.

The Claim

The Mighty Bite infomercial claims that Mighty Bite is a revolutionary fishing system that allows you to lure fishes using a DNA trigger mechanism. With Mighty Bite’s patented design and 5-sense fishing lure approaches, you are guaranteed to catch the bigger fishes. The lures have bite marks, swim fins and custom weighting & rattle system that gives an erratic action consequently attracting the fishes. It also has a unique wounded action and a holographic design creating a visual signature that encourages fishes to strike hard. Mighty Bite has a motion-activated time release scent stick that leaves an irresistible scent trail for fishes to follow. You can also insert the rattle in one of the lures and fishes will get called out from all directions. The Mighty Bite lures also has a taste and feel so real that fishes will have a hard time to let go. You can even use the lure system at night especially with the new glow kit.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Mighty Bite is $19.95 plus $7.95 shipping. The special TV offer allows a free gift which you will receive by paying the extra shipping fee of $9.95 for a total price of $37.85.
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Mighty Bite is a great new product that is ideal for anyone who loves to fish, and adores catching great big fishes to show off to other people. Now, fishing can be so much more enjoyable thanks to the revolutionary technology that can be found inside Mighty Bite. With its patented design and amazing 5-sense fishing lure, this product will make a lot of difference to any fishing trip.

Does it Really Work?

When it comes down to it, Mighty Bite really does work, and it works well because of the unique way it attracts fish:

  1. Might Bite lures have realistic bite marks that users could be forgiven for thinking were real
  2. The swim fins also make the lure look even more realistic so fish are convinced
  3. The unique wounded action of the lure convinces fish it’s an easy catch
  4. The motion-activated time release scent stick leaves a trail that’s very irresistible to fish
  5. What’s more the lure even has a unique taste that means the fish won’t want to let go

How Does Mighty Bite Work?

Mighty Bite works by using a 5-sense fishing lure that is known to attract all kinds of fish. Once a rattle has been placed inside a lure, the fish will hear its noise from all directions. This couple with a unique taste and realistic wounded swimming action ensures fish find the lure highly irresistible. So rather than having to handle smelly live bait that may or may not attracted the fish you want to catch, Mighty Bite has come up with a great new solution that is loved by fishermen and women everywhere.

Positive Aspects

There are many positive aspects of using Might Bite instead of your usual bait:

  • You make a one-time payment, and you get a large range of fishing equipment that really works
  • You can save money on fishing bait as you’re able to re-use the lures time and time again
  • You can save time taking trips to the store to buy bait
  • You’re more likely to catch fish using these lures as they attract fish quickly and easily
  • Your fishing trips are therefore more successful and a lot more fun
  • Friends and family will be amazed at how many fish you catch

Negative Aspects

The negative aspects of using Mighty Bite are that if you enjoy using live bait, you may feel you’re missing out on a more natural side of fishing. However, when you realize how using a life-like product can enhance your fishing experience, you may not miss buying live bait anymore.


Mighty Bite is a great new product that has been proven to work time and time again. The amazing life-like lure continuously attracts more fish, and this makes a fishing trip a lot more enjoyable thanks to the great results. Because each user receives a wide range of different lures, they can be sure that a wide variety of fish will be attracted. If you want to enjoy an unforgettable fishing trip, Mighty Bite can help you to do just that…get the camera ready so you can show off your prize catches!


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Grant - (Dayton, OH)
Reviewed on: 08 May 2015
I Regret Buying it!

Huge Scam!

Same as above happened to me. Automated ordering process, fast talking, I pressed no to all of their up sells. At the end of the call they basically said I ordered everything including expedited shipping! I imediatel called the company to complain and ask for a refund. I was told that it was to late in the day to do anything and I should call back first thing in the morning. Next morning I called and was told that since I ordered expedited shipping everything was already shipped and it was to late to do anything. Then they had the nerve to call me later and say that they set me up for a monthly subscription of some sort that I didn't want and supposedly can't cancel! Wow. Called my credit fraud department and they cancelled my card immediately. This is a total scam operation that should be shut down.

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Drew McCarsky - (Eton, GA)
Reviewed on: 09 Oct 2013
I Regret Buying it!


I ordered the Lures after seeing it on WFN network. I fish for Bass and trout in Northwest GA. I figured I would get 2 basic packages, Makes a good gag gift if nothing else. I tried to order the packages, then was prompted by the automated telephone machine if I wanted the Big Bass kit. I figure 9 "Ok I'll try one it ordered 2! And then, the real Fishing starts It wanted me to get the Pro Kit, the Big fish Kit, (isn't the basic package going to do that?) and I keep hitting the key for NO. finally, it wanted me to get a trial of some credit protection service, NO AGAIN the machine says "I understand you said No but many people have wanted to ..." I press no again. All it says is "thank you and it hangs up. Imagine my dismay when I find my Checking card billed 188 dollars! I planned on spending 50 at the most! the machine ordered EVERYTHING anyway, and then rips you off an additional 11 bucks for EACH ITEM for "Handling".Are you freaking KIDDING ME? I had to fight my way to a supervisor after the rep I called got nasty with me. 3 days later, I see a full refund on my banking statement from them..."Whew!" I figure I got lucky! a week later- I had a heart attack, was sent to 3 different hospitals for treatments and possibly open heart surgery! They were able to do whet they needed with Catheters, But I was very ill from all I had been through. After a little more than a week in the hospitals, I come home. I hear my dogs going nuts- Then my son comes in with a box...FROM MIGHTY BOTE! they resent the order and Re-billed my account. Only this time- My wife had used my card to get pharmacy items I needed, so it bounced the account. I got clobbered fees from the bank and another 188 bucks from Mighty Bite. I have yet to hear from them- just sent another email to them for assistance getting this sorted out...

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Steven Larie
17 Apr 2015

It did the same thing to me. Only I got billed $80 instead of the $50 I planned on spending. They talk very fast and ask a lot of questions to try and get you to slip and order something that you did not want. Only thing that I was not happy with.

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Keino Charles - (Trinidad, WY)
Posted: 24 Oct 2013
I have a Question

I don't know how to use the glow kit. Can someone please explain?

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Erin Knapp
10 Jul 2015

You have to break it.

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Luc Cousineau - (Montreal, QC)
Posted: 13 Sep 2013
I have a Question

How to work ufo glow please ????

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