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Master Pan

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Master Pan is a frying pan that has five compartments so you can cook five different food items within it at once. It's made of 100 percent cast aluminum that is fairly lightweight, enabling almost anyone to carry the pan without difficulty, yet durable. Although it's big enough to hold enough food for a few people, Master Pan will only occupy one burner on your stove. Each pan also comes with matching cooking tongs, a spoon, and a spatula to aid you in the meal-preparation process.

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The cost of Master Pan is $66.66 plus $9.95 shipping, for a total price of $76.61.
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How It Works

Due to this pan's cast aluminum design and energy-efficient base, heat is effectively delivered to the entire pan once you've turned on your burner, so nothing within the pan will end up being undercooked. Items that require a slightly higher level of heat, such as meat and seafood, can be placed in the center compartment for optimum cooking. On the other hand, foods that require a lower level of heat, like eggs or potatoes, should be placed in the outer compartments. That way, every part of your meal will be cooked just a much as it needs and therefore, taste as delicious as possible.


  • Compact

    Besides allowing it to fit securely on one burner, Master Pan's compact size will enable you to store it in almost any drawer or cupboard without it taking up tons of valuable space. While this pan will do the job of five different pans, it certainly won't take up the same amount of room in your kitchen as five!

  • Ergonomic Handle

    This pan's ergonomically designed handle isn't difficult to hold onto, and it also resists heat up to 350 degrees, so it's more than likely to stay cool to the touch as your meals are cooking.

  • Non-stick Coating

    The pan has a double-layered non-stick coating that's free of pfoa ( perfluorooctanoic acid ), a possibly toxic chemical. You'll be able to peel your cooked food off the pan quickly without it stubbornly sticking to the surface, even if you haven't primed that surface with a cooking spray.

  • Dishwasher Safe

    Although you can wipe this pan clean if you'd like, Master Pan is safe to run through the dishwasher.

Positive Points

  • Separates Meat From Vegetables

    Some vegetarians don't like meat touching the vegetables that they'll eat within a cooking apparatus. Fortunately, this won't be an issue when you use your Master Pan. If you place your meat in the center compartment, its dividers will prevent the meat from touching the food within the outside compartments.

  • Keeps Flavors From Blending

    Another advantage of having divided compartments in this pan is that it keeps the flavors of the foods you're cooking from blending unnecessarily. This is especially beneficial when you're cooking seafood along with other things, as many people don't like a hint of fish flavor showing up within the other foods they're eating.

  • Ideal for College Students

    College students may not have the space in a dorm room or small apartment to store several different cooking pans to use for different foods. They also may not have the skill level to cook with several different pans at once. Using Master Pan will remedy both of these potential problems, though, as students will be able to cook multiple things within the same pan and the pan will take up little space.

  • Great for Short Trips

    This pan's compact, lightweight nature makes it a great item to bring along on short trips, regardless of whether you're headed to a campsite, to a cottage, or on the road in an RV. With the ability to cook five different things within the pan, it's unlikely that anyone will complain about being served only something they don't like.

Critical Advice

If you've used a certain compartment within this pan to cook meat or fish, be sure to thoroughly clean it with dish soap and water before cooking anything else within it.


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