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Make Up Ease

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Make Up Ease is a brushlike tool that will enable you to scrape virtually every last bit of makeup out of a variety of containers, so you won't end up wasting any product. This tool has a long handle and a flexible tip, and will effectively scoop up product that comes in liquid, solid, or powder form. There are three sizes ( small, medium, and large ), which are conveniently packaged in sets of three, along with six airtight containers that will hold and transport small amounts of makeup for you.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Make Up Ease is $10.00 plus $6.95 shipping. The special TV offer allows you to receive a second Make Up Ease by paying the extra shipping fee of $6.95 for a total price of $23.9.
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How It Works

Due to its long handle, each Make Up Ease tool is able to reach deep down into almost any makeup container, including containers that are fairly tall. Furthermore, since each tool's tip is bendable, these tools are able to access virtually every nook and cranny of a container once they are inside it. The ridged edges of each tip further contribute to the successful work of Make Up Ease, allowing each tool to act as an effective scoop that grabs product which is normally difficult to reach.


  • Thin Blue Handle

    The long handle of this tool is both thin and blue, so it'll be easy for you to spot within your makeup bag or a drawer, and won't take up a great deal of space. Plus, its small diameter means that it can be held in a way similar to the manner in which one would hold a pencil, pen or watercolour paintbrush.

  • Black Tip

    Each Make Up Ease tool's flexible, ridged tip is black. Therefore, if you're using it to scoop white or coloured cosmetic substances, you'll be able to see how much of a substance it has been able to extract from a container each time.

  • Three Sizes Available

    Every set of Make Up Ease scoops includes a small scoop, a medium, and a large. The small scoop will give you more control when scooping makeup from a smaller container, while one of the larger scoops will help you reach the bottom of a larger receptacle.

  • Come With Storage Containers

    The sets of scoops also come with six small, clear airtight containers each, which can be used to store small amounts of cosmetic product. If you make use of these, you won't need to carry a ton of heavier containers when you're travelling. Moreover, regardless of whether you take them with you on a trip or leave them at home, the clear containers will enable you to see the product stored inside each one clearly.

Positive Points

  • Work With Various Products

    A Make Up Ease tool will scoop liquid, powder or solid substances out of nearly any container. Hence, you can use yours to scoop up virtually any cosmetics you own, including lipsticks, nail polishes, powders, moisturizers, and hair creams.

  • Useful for Almost Anyone

    While day-to-day makeup users will appreciate being able to access those last bits of makeup stuck to the bottom or sides of a container, professionals can use Make Up Ease, too. When one needs to apply makeup to dozens of faces per day, any little bit that can be saved from going to waste can be valuable.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Cut Off Container's Bottom

    If you can't get all of the product out of a squeeze tube with a tiny hole, cut the bottom of the tube off completely and use Make Up Ease to scoop the product out.

Save Money

When you use Make Up Ease, you'll be able to use all or nearly all the contents of a cosmetic container, as opposed to just the amount you can get out without the tool. That means you won't have to make a trip to the beauty counter or drugstore to replace your makeup products as frequently.


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