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Magic Tap

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Magic Tap is an automatic drink dispenser that will make you say goodbye to drips and spills when getting yourself a drink.

The Claim

Magic Tap fits every container like magic. Children can manage getting their own drinks even from giant jugs once it is fitted with Magic Tap. It fits right over any container, jug and bottle. Just insert it, press and let Magic Tap do the rest. Magic Tap has a powerful motor that drags the drink up the superstraw and dispense it out the spout without spilling a drop. It works on both hot and cold drinks and allows one-handed operation that is still spill-free. It is battery-operated so you can take it anywhere. With Magic Tap, you can buy large-sized beverages that you do not have to carry anymore when you want to pour yourself a drink. Just put on the Magic Tap and satisfy your thirst.

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What Is Magic Tap


Magic Tap is a drink dispenser that can fit in the lids of almost any bottle. It’s battery-powered and automatic, so if you put your glass to it, it dispenses the liquid and fills it up. It can be put on any type of bottle for variety, and by having a dispenser you can get liquids through the comfort of your own fridge without having to lift it up and pour. Magic Tap also locks when you’re finished, so that means that liquid does not leak or spill out when the bottle is left to itself. 

How It Works

Magic Tap has a battery-powered motor inside of it, meaning that liquid is dispensed quickly. It detects your hand through its sensor, and when it detects it dispenses. Once it does not detect your hand, it locks up, causing it not to drip or spill. The cap is universal, meaning that it works for most types of bottles. If you want to get a drink out a water jug, milk jug, juice bottle, or a bottle of alcohol, it dispenses it with ease. 

Why You Need It

There are lots of reasons why you should use Magic Tap. If you have kids, they can be clumsy when trying to pour their own drink and they can spill it everywhere. With Magic Tap, they can easily fix their cereal or get a drink of juice by just putting their glass over to it. If you’re older or have trouble lifting heavy things, Magic Tap prevents you from lifting the bottle every time you need to pour. If you’re throwing a party, it can be very useful as well. Because you can buy drinks in bulk easier, Magic Tap can help you to save money when you need to. 


  • It is battery operated, so you can use it anywhere.
  • Motorized dispenser allows for automatic drink dispensing at any time. 
  • Kids can fix themselves a drink without having to worry about spilling it.
  • People who can’t lift heavy bottles well can use this to fix drinks easier.
  • Save money by buying things in bulk and dispensing.
  • Cap locks in once done, preventing drips and saving liquids. 
  • Multiple Magic Taps can be used for parties. Have your guests dispense drinks without having to deal with the struggles of pouring them.
  • Comes with a free drink guide so you can learn how to dispense and serve different kinds of drinks easier. 


The Magic Tap is a convenient product that can be used for lots of things. Everyone has to drink, and drink pouring can be more complicated than it seems, especially if you have kids or are elderly and can’t lift heavy things. Magic Tap can be used again and again for any occasion, can fit inside of any lid so that any drink can be easily dispensed, and it’s great for formal occasions as well. It’s a useful, money-saving product that can help out in the long run.


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Melissa - (Edgerton, KS)
Posted: 20 Jan 2016
I have a Question

I don't know how to fix magictap?

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