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Lumi Doh Reviews

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Lumi Doh is the doh that glows. Children can make lots of glow-in-the-dark creations that will last a long time. Lumi Doh is luminous so it’s lots of fun to play with in the day or night and it is the only doh that can turn into a glowing toy.

The Claim

Lumi Doh stretches like rubber, molds like dough and has a glossy shine. It holds the shape of whatever you create. With Lumi Doh, imagination and possibilities are endless. Make teddy bears with glowing bellies, giraffes with neck that goes up and down, spider webs with glowing bugs, mermaids with illuminating tail and stars with shiny light trails. You can even make sea creatures that glow underwater. Little girls will have fun making shiny jewelries. Once they’re done with their creation, they can ask their parents to bake it and it will stay glowing and bendable forever. Ordinary dohs stain and dry up but Lumi Doh shines, stretches and never leave messes. Plus, it never dries out so you can keep using it.



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What is it?

Lumi Doh is amazing playing dough that easily and incredibly molds into absolutely any shapes and also glows in the dark! It even sticks to counters, walls, and ceilings. Lumi Doh is the children’s dough that can be played with and used as a fun decoration. Lumi Doh is so flexible and durable that it will hold whichever shape the child creates. With the bright colors that also glow in the dark, the possibilities are endless. Children will have the time of their lives using their potential and imagination to create shapes, animals, and people without the worry of their creations falling apart!

How does it work?

Lumi Doh has so many unbelievable features and abilities because it is created with super luminous silicone. This causes the dough to shine like crazy, stretch amazingly, and never break apart. Traditional dough dries up and loses its durability, but Lumi Doh will keep its shape intact no matter how detailed it is. Children can actually make any creation they want and roll the dough into a completely new creation over and over again. The fun never ends because Lumi Doh is endlessly shiny, stretchy, and durable.

The fun doesn’t end there

Lumi Doh is so revolutionary that it can actually be molded into the child’s favorite shape or object and keep the shape permanently. This is done by parents literally baking the dough! Now kids can make things like jewelry, stars, toys, decorations, and more that will last for the rest of their lives. Lumi Doh can effortlessly turn into a timeless masterpiece.

Why buy it?

Any child will enjoy all the possibilities of Lumi Doh for hours. Not only can they create their favorite items or shapes easily, but they can add details to their creation that will amazingly glow in the dark. Lumi Doh can be made into stars and stuck all over the walls and ceiling for a starry sky at bedtime, or into glow-in-the-dark necklaces and bracelets. Lumi Dough is like the perfect mix between rubber and dough because it stretches like rubber and molds like dough. It has a glossy shine that will only add to its amazing finished design. Kids can let their imaginations run wild with the luminescent colors of clear, green, pink, magenta, and blue.


The benefits of Lumi Doh are endless, and the dough can entertain any child for hours. Whether they want to create glow-in-the-dark animals or stretchy wall decorations, the ideas never run out with Lumi Doh. Here are some additional benefits:

  • It does not lose its shape until the child decides it’s time to make something else!
  • There’s no mess to deal with like when using regular dough, because Lumi Dough is infused with super luminous silicone.
  • Once a child molds Lumi Dough into their favorite creation, their parents can freeze it in time by baking it in the oven!
  • Lumi Dough is endlessly stretchy and is flexible enough to be molded into absolutely anything!
  • The dough glows in the dark so the fun continues even when the lights turn out.


Lumi Doh is the most innovative and entertaining playing dough on the market, and no other dough can compete with its endless possibilities. There is no reason not to purchase Lumi Doh today!

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Ty Lloyd - (Greenbrier, AR)
Reviewed on: 16 Jan 2015
I have something to say!

Stains your walls! Was not aware of this!

Jonh Parks - (Grand Rapids, MI)
Reviewed on: 23 Nov 2014
I have a Question

Can u eat loomy dough?

John Park - (LA, CA)
Reviewed on: 07 Aug 2013
I have something to say!

Lumi Doh Is Fatastic

Amazing invention. Kids will love it.

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