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Liquid Hold

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Liquid Hold is a spray-on solution that you can add to the backs of your mats and rugs in order to stop them from slipping, sliding, or bunching up on your floors. It can be used on rugs or mats made out of virtually any type of material, and it won't leave any sticky residue behind or otherwise damage your flooring. By using Liquid Hold, you'll reduce the chances that people or pets in your home will incur injuries due to sliding on rugs and falling.

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The cost of Liquid Hold is $10.00 plus $9.95 shipping, for a total price of $19.95.
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How It Works

The molecular bonding technology found within the Liquid Hold solution enables it to stick to the back of virtually any mat or rug, holding it securely against the floor, without leaving a trace of residue.


  • Comes in Spray Bottle

    This solution comes in a convenient spray bottle, which means that it can be squirted onto the back of a rug in just seconds. Two of these spray bottles contain enough of the solution to treat all of the rugs in most average-sized homes.

  • Safe on All Surfaces

    Regardless of whether your floors are made of wood, tile, carpet, or other materials, it's safe to lay rugs that have been treated with Liquid Hold down on them. As mentioned, it's safe to spray the solution on rugs made of any material, too.

  • Prevents Curled Corners

    As rugs age and are walked on frequently, their corners often tend to curl up, making the rugs less attractive-looking and harder to clean. Fortunately, this spray-on solution will hold your rugs' corners down tightly so that they don't curl.

  • Durable and Long-lasting

    Due to Liquid Hold's durability, you can move rugs treated with the solution from place to place, and run them through the washing machine multiple times, without the solution losing its effectiveness.

  • Invisible

    After you've sprayed the solution on your rugs, it''ll dry clear, so you nor anyone else will be able to see it on any rug.

Positive Points

  • Increases Safety

    It's not too difficult to trip on a sliding rug and fall, especially if you're stepping from a bathtub or shower onto a wet bathroom mat. Luckily, Liquid Hold can be used on both wet and dry mats, guaranteeing that all of your rugs will stay put and reducing the risk of falls in every room of your home.

  • Makes Cleaning More Pleasant

    It can be difficult to vacuum rugs when they keep moving around and their corners keep curling. However, your cleaning experience will be more pleasant after you've applied Liquid Hold to your rugs, since the solution will stop any sliding and curling.

  • May Prevent Horsing Around

    If you have children who like to make a game of sliding on your home's rugs, this spray-on solution will curb that kind of activity, as your rugs will no longer slip and slide easily.

Negative Points

  • Opaque Bottle

    While fairly large, each bottle of Liquid Hold is opaque, which will make it quite difficult for you to see how much of the solution is left in your bottle.


  • Rug Pads

    Many home improvement stores sell non-slip felt pads that you can attach to the backs of your rugs, but these only come in certain sizes. Hence, you may need to cut them down to fit particular rugs. If you've got a lot of rugs in your home, you might end up spending an hour or more doing this, when you could've treated your rugs with Liquid Hold in less time.

  • Tape

    Another way you can stop your rugs from slipping is by attaching them to the floor with adhesive tape, but adhesive often leaves residue behind that is difficult to remove. Plus, if your rugs get wet, the adhesive may lose its stickiness and be virtually useless when it comes to preventing sliding.


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