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Liquid Drywall

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Liquid Drywall is a canned spackle spray that will repair holes and cracks in your drywall in just seconds. It's white, but after you spray it and spread it by using the included spreading tool that doubles as a lid, you can paint it any color you choose. Areas treated with Liquid Drywall are safe to sand, too, and the spray comes with a sanding pad. The spray will dry fast after it hits your wall, but it won't dry out easily in its container. Although it's not suitable for use outdoors, you can use it within any room of your home.

The Claim

Using Liquid Drywall will make all the walls within your home look attractive, as you'll quickly be able to cover up cracks, holes, and dents, regardless of whether they're large or small. This formula has the strength and durability of drywall itself, yet it's not complicated to use, as it only requires the use of a small spreading tool and a paintbrush. Unlike spackle paste that comes in a container that won't spray, it is unlikely to make a mess of your hands and / or your work area. Virtually anyone can use this spray without problems, so making use of it will enable you to complete more repairs on your own, without calling in a professional.

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The cost of Liquid Drywall is $10.00 plus $7.95 shipping. The special TV offer allows a free gift which you will receive by paying the extra shipping fee of $4.95 for a total price of $22.9.
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How It Works

Liquid Drywall's compound formula has been designed to be as strong and durable as drywall, so it's as if the developers have simply turned actual drywall into liquid and put it in a can. After it's spread around with the appropriate tool, it'll dry quickly and become just like any other part of the wall it's been applied to. Following that, paint can be applied to the repaired area, or the area can be sanded, without issue.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Spray
  2. Spray some Liquid Drywall on the crack or hole that you want to repair. If the crack or hole is large, you may need to use a few sprays.

  3. Spread
  4. Use the included spreading tool, which will also act as a lid for your bottle, to spread the Liquid Drywall across the entire hole or crack. Wait a few seconds until the substance dries.

  5. Paint
  6. Liquid Drywall is white, so if the wall that you've spread it on is any other color, you'll need to paint the area that's been sprayed so it matches the rest. You can do this with a standard paintbrush.


  1. Holes
  2. If you or a former resident of your home has used nails or thumbtacks to attach pictures, posters, or other fixtures to the walls, ugly holes may be visible. Fortunately, you can use Liquid Drywall to fix any of these, and then your wall will look as good as new again.

  3. Cracks
  4. When walls get old, they sometimes begin to develop hairline cracks, so if you have an old house, Liquid Drywall will come in handy. Once you spread it over any crack, you won't be able to see the crack any longer; plus, you'll be making your home sturdier.

  5. Dents
  6. In any home, walls can easily be dented by doors, furniture, or children's toys. Regardless of whether these things have created big or small dents in your walls, you can rest assured that Liquid Drywall will be able to fill these dents in.


  • Spackle Paste
  • Spackle paste is often used to repair dents, holes, and cracks in drywall, but it doesn't come in a spray bottle like Liquid Drywall, and it will often dry out in its container. Liquid Drywall, on the other hand, will not dry out in its bottle. Furthermore, it is much less messy to use than spackle paste.

Positive Points

  • No Metal Spreaders Needed
  • Since each bottle of Liquid Drywall comes with a spreading tool, you won't need to get a metal spreader in order to use the spray.

  • Comes With Paint Tubes
  • Each Liquid Drywall bottle also comes with two small touch-up paint tubes, which store paint for you to use if you need to touch up your walls after treating them with the spray.

  • Sanding Pad Included
  • Since it's safe for you to sand areas that have been treated with Liquid Drywall, a sanding pad is included with each bottle, too.

Negative Points

  • Can't be Used Outdoors
  • Liquid Drywall is only suitable for use indoors, so you can't properly use it on the outer walls of your house, or on your deck.


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