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Lightning Spin Mop

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The Lightning Spin Mop is a powerful mop that'll clean your floors without leaving dirt, drips, or streaks behind. It's safe to use on wood floors, along with a variety of other common types of flooring, such as tile, marble, and laminate. Due to the fact that it's lightweight and has a long handle, which reduces users' need to bend over while mopping, using it won't make you extremely fatigued. The mop comes with a dual bucket that you can use to wet and dry its microfiber head.

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The cost of Lightning Spin Mop is $39.98 plus $12.99 shipping, for a total price of $52.97.
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How It Works

On one side of your Lightning Spin Mop's dual bucket, you can wet it as you would an ordinary mop, and the other side will dry it for you. In order to dry it, you'll need to place the head in the white section of the bucket and allow the basin to rapidly spin your mop, by virtue of centrifugal force. This spinning action will begin to dry your mop, and the longer you let the mop spin, the drier it'll get, so you'll always be in control of its level of dampness.


  • Long Handle

    This mop's handle is longer than the handle of most mops, so you won't need to bend over in order to mop under most pieces of furniture. Hence, you won't experience as much ( if any ) back pain as you would when using a standard mop.

  • Giant Reusable Head

    The Lightning Spin Mop's head is larger than the average mop head, and it's also reusable. When it gets dirty, all you'll need to do is take it off the mop and toss it in the washing machine. You'll be able to wash it up to hundreds of times without it breaking down.

  • Super Absorbent

    Due to its ability to absorb up to 10 times its weight, this mop will be able to make short work of virtually any household spill.

  • Lightweight

    The mop is light enough for most people to carry up and down stairs without becoming exhausted.

  • Swivels

    Your Lightning Spin Mop's head will swivel up to 360 degrees, a characteristic that will come in handy when you need to turn it sideways to clean baseboards and the rim of your tub.

Positive Points

  • Will Work as Dry Mop

    Besides effectively mopping up dirt while wet, this mop also makes an effective dry mop. While dry, you can use it to pick up dust, dirt, or pet hair, and to polish and buff your flooring.

  • Erases Scuff Marks

    Scuff marks are a big problem in many households, especially if members of the household often wear shoes indoors, but the Lightning Spin Mop will quickly remove these, too.

  • Don't Need to Touch

    In order to wring out your mop, you won't need to touch it with your hands—just drop it in the bucket and it'll do all the wringing work for you.

  • Comes With Sticky Buddy

    To further assist you in your cleaning duties, each Lightning Spin Mop comes with a Sticky Buddy, which is a reusable roller that'll collect debris such as lint and pet hair off your floors.


  • Scrubbing on Hands and Knees

    You could get down and scrub your floors on your hands and knees regularly, but this would take you hours or even days, depending on the size of your home. Plus, your entire body might ache after a scrubbing session. By using the Lightning Spin Mop instead, you'll be able to get the job done much more quickly and with little to no pain.

  • Standard Mops

    In addition to having shorter handles and smaller heads than the Lightning Spin Mop, most floor mops will accumulate dirt as you clean, and leave a trail of dirty water behind you on the floor. Fortunately, you won't have that problem when you use this particular one, as the spinning section within its bucket will remove excess dirt and water from the mop's head.


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