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Knocker Ball

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Knocker Ball is a great new product that is nothing like you've ever seen before. Forget playing regular soccer and exercising the same way as everyone else, so things differently. This original and completely insane contact sport is about to take the good of United States by storm because there's just nothing like it. If you love contact sports but you don't like to be injured, this is the game for you. Run into others who are also wearing the Knocker Ball and watch as you all go flying, without injuring yourself. When it comes to playing something completely new and exciting, you can't go wrong with Knocker Ball.

The Claim

The infomercial claims that Knocker Ball is the next big sport to hit America. Made with many different air cushions so you stay protected, every single ball will ensure you stay injury-free. Simply get into the ball, then adjust the two shoulder straps so they fit nicely. Grab hold of the handles that will make you feel more secure, and get ready to have a lot of fun. Knocker Ball is thought to be a lot more fun than many other sports, and you can play against as many other ball wearers as you like. If you're looking for a whole new level of fun, you can't go wrong with this unique and highly entertaining product.

Total Cost Breakdown

The cost of Knocker Ball is $249.99 plus $17.99 shipping, for a total price of $267.98.
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How It Works

Knockerball is a fun and exciting physical activity that you can do alone or with a group of friends. What you need to do is get inside a Knockerball, which is a great big inflatable ball that covers your head and upper body while keeping your legs free. It wraps around you, instead of going over your head, so you will still be able to breathe normally. Once inside it, you can flip, roll, and knock yourself into friends without experiencing any pain. The ball is so wide that even if you do fall, it will stop your legs from hitting the ground with a hard impact.


  1. Individual Stunts
  2. If you don’t have any friends to play with at the moment, you can use your Knockerball to perform individual stunts, such as sideways rolls and front flips. Even if you can’t do these stunts when you’re not in the ball, being inside it will make them fairly easy to perform.

  3. Group Knocking
  4. You can get a group of friends with Knockerballs together and just spend hours knocking each other over. Even if you run toward a friend at high speed, knocking them to the ground won’t hurt them, as the ball will protect them.

  5. Knockerball Soccer
  6. You can also get together with friends to play formal games with your Knockerballs, such as high-contact Knockerball soccer. However, these formal games may quickly degenerate into a free-for-all knocking fest.

Positive Points

  • Adjustable Shoulder Straps
  • Each Knockerball contains shoulder straps that will keep you securely within the ball. If the Knockerball is not covering your entire head and upper leg area once you have it on, adjust the straps for a safer fit.

  • Contains Handles
  • Each Knockerball has built-in handles that will also help you stay within the ball, in addition to providing support as you knock people or they knock you.

  • Quality Materials
  • The Knockerballs are made out of high-quality polyvinyl chloride, which is much stronger than the material used to make inflatable pool toys. Their seams are made with super-strong glue that is stronger than that used within their competitors’ products.

  • Two Sizes Available
  • There are two sizes of Knockerball available. These include a 1*3 metre ball for males or females who are under five foot seven, and a 1*5 metre one for any users over five foot seven. The different sizes exist so that each ball is guaranteed to cover the head and upper legs of each user, regardless of height.

  • Surreal Experience
  • As you use a Knockerball, you’ll feel as if you’re actually defying gravity.


  • Consult Physician
  • Do not attempt any stunts with your Knockerball before consulting a doctor to determine whether it’s safe for you to do so. This is especially important if you suffer from a medical condition or are obese.

  • Read All Instructions
  • Read all the warnings and instructions that come with your Knockerball before using it even once. If you don’t follow the instructions exactly, you could get seriously hurt.

  • Wear Knee Pads
  • Although the Knockerball users in the infomercial aren’t wearing knee pads, it’s beneficial to wear them, in case your ball pops and your knees meet the ground. Fortunately, due to the strong material these balls are made of, this is unlikely to happen.


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Matt Bubble B - (Shrewsbury, MA)
Reviewed on: 19 Sep 2016
I Regret Buying it!


Real bad quality. Too bad. So many other companies out there to buy from. Poor customer service and if you afiliate with them they take your money and then you never here from them again. Sad.

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Rick - (Garner, NC)
Reviewed on: 13 Aug 2016
I Regret Buying it!

Customer Service Should Always be Excellent

I have read these reviews and regardless of who has a legitimate complaint, or who is venting without a viable argument, there is never an excuse for poor customer service.

I would not purchase any product at this cost, that you have to buy without seeing firsthand ( like purchases at Dicks, or rei ) you depend on customer support. There is no defending poor customer service. There is no defense for it, and anyone who does defend poor service by throwing it back at the customer is someone that you need to avoid.

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Brian Martin - (Troy, MO)
Reviewed on: 28 Jun 2016
I Regret Buying it!

Knockerball is Disgusting

I own a decent company that uses knockerballs for our customers.
I purchased 18 balls from them. Within one week 4 of them were useless as the straps that completely ripped out of the ball. Within 2 more weeks of use, 8 more suffered the same fate. I've been using similar balls for two years now and have never seen such poor quality. The company has offered to replace them for 50% of the cost but who wants to keep buying a terrible product? These people are a joke and their product is horrible. You will regret buying from them.

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26 Jul 2016

Hi Brian
Please can you advise me where to purchase the best quality balls from. Was going to go through knockerball but these reviews have put me off.

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27 Jul 2016

Matty try bubbleball. I had bought some knockerballs too unfortunately and had the same problem in product and customer service. I sucked it up and am much happier with BubbleBall. And don't go for the Junk sold direct from China either! I bought that stuff too! : -0.

Kb Baller - (Scotia, NY)
Reviewed on: 23 Jun 2016
I Regret Buying it!

Knocker Ball Avoids YELP

Quality is terrible and they do not honor the product.


They are not on Yelp for a reason.

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Rich - (Pratt, KS)
Reviewed on: 13 Apr 2016
I Regret Buying it!

Bad Buy

I had 4 ball split in the first month, They said they would replace them, Then they charged my credit card with out my permission and told me to fix the balls myself. I emailed many times and they and rarely got back to me. In one email I said I paid for good customer service and they replied that customer service was not part of the deal. If I am lying I am dying. My banking institution has refunded my money for them charging my account with out permission.
I paid extra money for advertisement and TV ads.
Have you ever seen a TV ad for Knockerball, maybe in Florida where they rent them,
You can buy these balls any where for less, Stay away far away.

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Anonymous - (Hondo, TX)
Reviewed on: 15 Feb 2016
I Regret Buying it!


I never write reviews for anything but this one is a must.

If you're looking to start a business or purchase bubble balls, do not purchase or join knockerball!

All they care about is expanding their name and not there customers. The knockerball quality is extremely poor! Also as an ex affiliate, the people who run the show are crooks.

All they care about is them making profit from these afflictes especially ryan!

Screw knockerball!

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Large Sports Company - (Shrewsbury, MA)
Reviewed on: 27 Oct 2015
I Regret Buying it!

Quality Control

The last few batches of balls have no quality control. I am super disappointed. I really don't think they really care anymore as they are more interested in gathering more affiliates.

Too bad. The balls were great the first couple of rounds. I have found a new company to buy from for cheaper and they seem to last longer. : (.

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13 Nov 2015

What is the name of the other company?

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17 Feb 2016

Any word on who the other company was?

28 Mar 2016

I am also interested in what the other company you use.

15 Jun 2016

Hey guys. I've been seeing a lot about the poor quality and service of Knockerball. If you're interested in trying a new company, look at US Bubble Sports ( ). Their bubbles have been holding up and they are nice guys to deal with. They also offer partnerships where you get to keep your own company and name and they provide services.

28 Jun 2016

What is your new supplier? I am also disgusted with knockerball and their terrible quality.

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Nichole Bullock - (Austin, TX)
Reviewed on: 06 Oct 2015
I Regret Buying it!

Sounds as if they are very unsafe if the warnings ask you to consult a doctor to see if its safe for you to use, and # 2 you may get hurt and #3 wear knee pads in case they pop!

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Hello Kitty - (Poplar Bluff, MO)
Reviewed on: 03 Jul 2015
I Regret Buying it!

Horrible Product

If you have to pay over two hundred dollars and under the price is find a doctor near you the I wouldn't be buying that prouduct!

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19 Jul 2015

What exactly are you trying to say? Your comment makes absolutely no sense.

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07 Sep 2015

I know, right? What kind of statement is that? Lol!

Matt - (Marlborough, MA)
Reviewed on: 27 Apr 2015
I Recommend Buying it!

Bubble Soccer

MA Sports Leagues is the largest bubble soccer company in New England running 1000's of events. We stand by Knocker Balls products.

6 of 12 people found this review helpful.

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Don - (Mustang, OK)
Posted: 08 Aug 2016
I have something to say!

If you see a knockerball - use your box cutter!

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Rob - (Brewer, ME)
Posted: 25 Mar 2016
I have something to say!

You need to call me and I will discuss a much better
Option. 785-620-7401.

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Egor - (Port Moody, BC)
Posted: 29 Jul 2015
I have something to say!

Do you have to pump them all the time.

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Dakota Knight - (Springfield, MO)
Posted: 01 Feb 2015
I have a Question

How do I get a hold of the of Knocker Ball customer support?

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31 Jul 2015

I wish I knew. Can't find a telephone #.

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Phoebe - (Hilo, HI)
Posted: 17 Nov 2014
I have a Question

Can it pop in sleeping grass?

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Melissa - (Attleboro , MA)
Posted: 24 Oct 2014
I have a Question

Can these Knocker Balls pop? For example if I just bounced off of something and landed on something sharp enough to cut through the plastic, would it pop?

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26 Oct 2014

If the object is sharp, then yes of course it will pop.

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